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Is It Possible to Depigment Skin Completely?

I am a korean female in my 20's and I looking not to lighten my skin to my original skin tone but to depigment my skin completely from head to toe.... READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Skin Treament That Helps Remove a Heavy Tan?

I would like to know if there is any effective laser treatment, that can help get rid of a heavy tan on the following specific areas: both forearms,... READ MORE

I'm an Asian female with light tan skin, how many shades can you lighten your skin tone with hydroquinone 2%?

I have light tan skin but have always wanted a porcelain or white complexion. I am an Asian female. If I used hydroquinone for an extended period of... READ MORE

Skin Complexion. Tan Skin to a Bit Lighter Skin Possible?

I have a tanned skin tone and I was wondering if there is some kind of peel or procedure I could ask my dermatologist/ or plastic surgeon for so I can... READ MORE

Is there any way to permanent lighten my skin?

Hi, I am rather tan and would like to know is there any way to permanently lighten my skin by a shade or two? I am so self conscious about this. READ MORE

I want get rid of the tanned and dark skin to bring out original skin tone. How can I do this?

Hello Sir/Ma'm, I have a very oily skin and my skin Colour is between olive To light Brown. I get tan very easily.There are year's of permanent tan on... READ MORE

What Laser Would Best Remove Unwanted Heavy Sun Tan?

Would it be c02, ebrium, chemical laser peel, fractional,etc. Overall, I am fair to live skin in skin tone and 22 years old. I am trying to get rid of... READ MORE

Tans won't fade?

Used to have very fair skin about 7 years ago. For 3 years I've been trying to fade my tan, but my skincolor looks the same. I have a kind of light... READ MORE

How should I untan my skin?

After viewing pictures of a few years back, i found out that i had gotten very dark. I used to be peach and cute. But now everyone mocks me that I've... READ MORE

How can I lighten my skin tone? I got a tan two years ago and it still hasn't faded. (Photo)

Hi, When I was young i was a very fair child due to both my parents being very fair skinned and was perfectly fine till i went florida on holiday and... READ MORE

Can Uvb Narrow Band Therapy Reverse Lightening from Skin Bleaching Creams?

I used a skin lightening cream for 7 months in 2006-7 to get rid of a tan I didn't like. I now regret this and would like to recover my tan. I tried... READ MORE

Best way to lighten "unnaturally dark"/over tanned skin over my face, calves and forearms? (Photo)

My complexion has bothered me since 2005 as a teenager. I am normally an olive complexion but years of sun exposure has made me dark brown on the... READ MORE

Sun tan removal. Farmers tan

When I was young I had fair glowing skin, now after 10+ years of being in the sun I have a farmers tan, my arms are very uneven with the rest of my... READ MORE

Is medical treatment better than beauty treatment for skin whitening? Which treatment is quicker and better?

Please suggest me with good treatments I am 18 years old and my skin has got a really bad tan before I was very fair and had glowing skin and now... READ MORE

What are the skin lightening creams with least or almost no side effects?

I have a wheatish complexion and slightly tanned. I want my skin to become very light and bright. READ MORE

Face tan and blackness. How can I reduce it? (Photo)

My face is going to black and tan day by day and roughly. how to reduce blackness on face and nose and also smoothness my face. pls help me READ MORE

Skin lightening options?

Dear docter.. As my skin is really tan.. I just want to maker it lighter. My all sisters have very light complexion. And I feel shy about it. I want... READ MORE

Tan complexion want to get rid of dark marks on face and dark elbows.

Had fillers put into lines that were creased across my upper cheek starting from the tear duct only to reveal a darker pigments surface once the line... READ MORE

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