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How can I even out my skin tone?

I am light and dark on certain parts of my body. I don't wanna bleach my whole body, I wanna keep my color but, I want all my skin even. How can I... READ MORE

My penis and buttocks are almost black. How to lighten them?

Im 27 year asian guy. Penis and buttocks are almost black remaining my body skin tone is fair. How to make them to remian body tone. READ MORE

What is the Best Skin Lightener?

The fastest and most beneficial and safe. I'm using a cream with arbutin complex just want to know where I can get the best results. READ MORE

What Procedure to Match Skin Tones Across the Body?

Im a person of color and I have at least three different color skintones. My face is one color, my neck is one color and arms and hands are one color.... READ MORE

How to get my skin clear, smooth and back to my original skintone? (Photo)

I used to be a light brown but I played basketball a lot in the sun and now I have a lot of dark spots and uneven skintone. READ MORE

How to restore light skin tone of the face and neck which has darkened noticeably? African Skin (Photo)

Face and neck has become darker than the rest of body. How do I lighten the face and neck back to the complexion of my body? READ MORE

How Do Get Even Skin Tone on my Legs?

I have dark spots from healed injuries. I basically want to achieve an even skin tone, especially on my legs. Any advice? READ MORE

From Northern Nigeria, What Cream Can I Use to Even Skin Tone? (photo)

Am from Northern part of Nigeria where sun is intense, which body cream can I use to make me more even toned? READ MORE

How can I lighten my anal/vaginal area?

Hello! So basically I'm a black girl (not very dark but I'm not the lightest girl either) and I want to lighten my skin tone around my whole body but... READ MORE

How to Even out Indian Skin Tone?

I am a 29-year-old indian girl. My face color is darker than my body color. I don't spend much time under sun. I am using 50+SPF (UVA+UVB) sunscreen.... READ MORE

How Effective is the Product Line Fair and Flawless?

I have caramel skin tone, I am 18 years old. I want to go 2-3 shades lighter for my whole body including my face. So I wanted to know if anyone who... READ MORE

Permanent Skin Lightening for Wheatish Skin?

I have a wheatish skin tone and I want to lighten my skin by 2-3 shades only. Can you please suggest the procedure that I need to undergo? Do I need... READ MORE

I want to Unify my skin tone. What is the best way of whitening or lightning for my skin type? (photo)

24years old, black women. I have some skin color problem with uneven skin tone and dark scars that i wanna remove. 2 years ago i used some creams with... READ MORE

How to Make my Face and Body Even-toned?

I am an African-American, and I was brown-skinned when I was a baby. Now, I'm a teenager, and I see that I am way darker, but only on my face. The... READ MORE

I am Indian and I am a beautiful shade of brown. Does Hydroquinone offer permanent solution or are the results temporary?

I won't lie, I am obsessed with fairness and so is everyone I know. I have been contemplating using HQ for quite sometime now. But the side effects... READ MORE

Permanent Skin Lightening Treatment?

Ignore it if you don't want to answer. It's about skin color. Can I become a bit fair permanently. Thanks READ MORE

How can I even out my skin tone from dark areas on my body?

My axillary area, inner thighs, private and buttock area are noticeably dark. I have Jessica Alba's skin tone but the dark areas are the color of a... READ MORE

Skin Lightening Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone?

My years living in Africa have given an uneven skin tone meaning light here and dark there. Is there any product that i could use that would give me a... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Knees on Wheatish Skin?

Dear Doctor, I have wheatish complexion but have very dark knees which look very bad and I am unable to wear skirts because of that. Please recommend... READ MORE

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