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Hydroquinone is making me peel unevenly, is that a bad sign?

I've been using hydroquinone 20% on my face and it's making me feeling a little bit mainly on my chin and lower cheeks. I've been taking the skin by... READ MORE

I have Reddish and Oily skin and want fairer whitish skin tone? (Photos)

I Used golden pearl fair mens. from 3 to 4 months am not using any cream only himalya facewash results are good no pimple and black heads but main... READ MORE

Used hydroquinone for long. Had side effect which are recovered now, want to have lighter complexion again?

I hv usd hdrquinon crm i.e. skinlite crm 4 abt 1 & hlf yr.In start the result ws very good as it ws wintr for 2-3 mnths, in sumer I got a pimpls... READ MORE

Dark Knees? (Photos)

I was born with knees that are significantly darker than the rest of my body. I've tried exfoliating, whitening creams, homemade lemon bleaching,... READ MORE

Genetic lip lightening? (Photo)

I have dark lips by birth(genetically).Doctor please tell me how to cure this.Also I have tried many homemade treatments.But nothing gave me any inch... READ MORE

What's an Effective Way to Lighten Skin Like Celebs? Can Skin Lightening Be Safe?

Is it possible for someone to lighten their skin like sammy sosa or lil kim? in general whats the most effective way to lighten skin, does it give the... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; whitening cream or pills w/ no side effect, give results quickly, & permanent/ long term results?

My skin color was light. growing up. became dark. products i used before. I have used attitude whitening cream: no results used faiza: it worked good... READ MORE

Mequinol to deal with dark discolorations?

Hello Drs. Over the years ive developed some discolorations on my skin and I do not want to have to keep using bleaching creams like HQ as they dont... READ MORE

Laser burn recovery. What can I do to even my skin tone? (Photo)

I received burns from a spa using a yag laser that have resulted in hypopigmentation in the area, but I've had great results in other areas (at a... READ MORE

Is there a way I can safely & effectively lighten the skin on my neck with quick results?

My face and neck are 2 shades darker than the rest of my body, i have tried bleaching creams and staying out of the sun but i there wasnt much... READ MORE

How long should I use the Melarase am and Melarase PM on my legs?

My thighs are white and my legs are black i just wanna know how long should i kept using the melarase am and melarase pm to see results and im Africa... READ MORE

35yr female with bad sun damage on arms. I can't spend a lot of money, would a bleaching cream show decent results? (photo)

I live in Florida and it's impossible to avoid the sun. I use SPF 50 on my arms daily now as my moisturizer but they look terrible for my age, and... READ MORE

Can I use skin whitening products after Masseter Jawline Botox?

Hi Doctor's, I have three important questions below. Can I use Hydroquinone, Kocic acid, steroids etc (skin whitening products) after having the... READ MORE

Any recommendation for whitening capsules which give desired results without any side effects??

Dr. I want to use some capsules for whitenng my skin.please recommentd any whitening capsules which give desired results without any side effects?? READ MORE

How do I get rid of sunspots? I have an Asian complexion.

Are the results semi permanent? Is it usually just a faded spot or complete removal? How much downtime is there after the treatment(s)? What kind of... READ MORE

I want to completely lighten my skin. But is there anything else I should try for faster and better results?

I have had a permanent tan from my teenage years. I never use to apply sunscreen and would literally sunbathe till I got sweaty. My skin tone would... READ MORE

Why are my feet pale white but my face tan? How do I get my face complexion to match my feet and body?

My face is tan yet my feet and body are pale. Even my hands are very much lighter than my face and they're never covered. I'm guessing this is because... READ MORE

For fair and glowing skin?

I used melabest cream on my face for fair skin my skin was glowing but after dat using dis cream my skin color down n red nerve showed on my face I... READ MORE

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