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Facial Pigmentation Caused by Bleaching Cream?

I'm an Asian girl who has dark facial pigmentation as a result of using jolen (bleaching cream). I believe I used too much bleaching powder and this... READ MORE

What's the best skin lightening cream to try? I'm Asian and I have pigmentation (Photo)

Hi Dr. .I am Asian. I have skin pigmentation . I have heard about Elure, Obagi, Malarase creams. Could you please give me an idea or advise to which... READ MORE

Which Skin Cream Should I Use for Bleaching?

I had a mastopexy surgery resulting in skin pigmentation on my left breast around the vertical incision what cream should I use? Thanks! READ MORE

Is eldoquin bleaching cream with hydroquinone 2% safe? Will it lighten the skin?

I am having pigmentation and brown spot on my face .does eldoqine bleaching cream works on my face? Is it safe to use ? I am afraid to start this... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark pigmented skin on my toes? (Photo)

I have on both of my feet that were caused by wearing tight shoes. I tried using hydroquinone, Elocon cream (0.1 Mometasone Furoate) and some over the... READ MORE

I have deep dark pigmentation to eye area, and face.

Can i use hydroquinone 2%, and 55H+ Harmonie Reparteur bleaching cream. READ MORE

Getting rid of pigmentation?

I have horrible pigmentation in my genital area and would like to treat it but how? READ MORE

Pigmentation of lips (Photos)

I have allergies that cause eczema on my lips. I've used corticosteroid creams for years for the eczema. I'm still not sure what I'm allergic to. The... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Upper Lip Pigmentation?

I am on the pill, but i recently asked my doctor to give me one without the hormones that were causing that, but the pigmentation is still there. i... READ MORE

Remedy to remove black pigmentation on hands caused after using skin lightening creams? (photos)

I was using lightening creams last year to lighten and tone my skin a bit though i was on and off with the application not to be super super light... READ MORE

Is there something that I can use to counteract the steroids/depigmentation process and repigment the skin? (Photo)

I used a lightening cream and gel that contains the steroids clobetasol propionate 0.05 and betamethasone dipropionate 0.05. I didn't use them as much... READ MORE

Can using hydroquinone make you pigment more dark?

I ordered some hydroquinone from the internet (15%) strength and after using it four times, I have REALLY DARK patches on my face and back of hands. I... READ MORE

Procedure to Lighten Pigmentation and Improve Complexion?

I used a home peeling kit to eliminate pigmentation which I bought in Singapore. The pigmentation came back worse, adding a dark patch along the top... READ MORE

Around my eyes has black pigment. I'm using 5% hydroquinone cream for 5 days & my skin has become wrinkly & peeling off. (photo)

Around my eyes are very black, my chin is slightly lighter but still dark and my nose and cheeks are a yellowish, light brown color. Without makeup I... READ MORE

What can improve the discoloration/pigmentation in my groin area?

What can improve the discoloration/pigmentation in my groin area? I don't have an inner thigh gap, is it because of the friction? READ MORE

Azelaic acid 20%, ascorbic acid 15%, kojic acid 4%, retin a 0.1, hydrocort to treat post-inflammatory pigment. (photo)

I was prescribed the combination of ( azelaic acid 20% , ascorbic acid 15% , kojic acid 4% , retin a 0.1 , hydrocort ) , i was using the combination... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the pigmentation on my forehead?

Also I need a perfect face cream to be suggested to lighten my face tone.. and also which would not cause skin type is dry..please answer... READ MORE

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