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What Treatments Are Available to Permanently Whiten/lighten Skin?

I have been trying unsuccessfully to lighten my natural skin tone. I am interested in laser treatments that will permanently lighten/whiten my skin.... READ MORE

What skin creams can I use to make my skin lighter by 3 shades permanently?

Ive done a lot of research on products about skin bleaching & lightening. Now im not extremely dark but i am darker than i was as a teen... Can anyone... READ MORE

What is the best skin lightening method for me? (photos)

I have attached a picture of me (see picture captioned "me with fake contact lenses"). My skin is even all throughout my body, I just want to lighten... READ MORE

I'm Asian. Can I get lighter skin? (Photo)

I am Asian and I want to look Caucasian. I really want lighter skin. My face is light but my neck, lower arms, knees stomach are really dark. I want... READ MORE

Permanent whole body whitening Treatment. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am what is considered a fair person but is there a way to lighten the entire body 1-2 shades permanently or semi-permanently please? What... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure to Lighten my Dark Lips?

Hi i'm Asian and i have very dark lips. I want to get rid of the darkness of my lips and get a more lighter pink lips. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lighten the Skin Up 3 Shades Permanently?

Is there a way to permanently lighten my skin? I have dark skin and looking to lighten my skin up to 3 shades permanently. READ MORE

Accidently Bleached Lips? (photo)

Hi, 4 and a half months ago, my partner was cleaning cups with bleach and he used it liberally. I drank some water out of one of the cups and felt an... READ MORE

Permanent skin whitening procedures?

Are there any permanent skin whitening procedures for overall body lightening? I am not asking about treatment for dark spots . . . I am asking about... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgical Procedure to Lighten Skin Color?

I am naturally dark Asian Indian female and I was wondering if there are surgical procedure to lighten skin color? I have used many creams using... READ MORE

Is there any treatment for permanent lightening of entire body skin?

Sir, i'm an indian. I 've oily skin, my skin is dark, but not dark black. I would like to do a treatment with no side effects and permanent skin... READ MORE

How to lighten my skin tone permanently ?

I have brown skin. every time i go out even for 10 mins in the sun i get tanned. although i use sunscreen with SPF of 45 please help READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Permanent Tan on Arms?

How can I get rid of a seemingly permanent tan on bottom half of arms  I've had a tan on the bottom half of my arms for as long as I can remember... READ MORE

Want to lighter as well as even skin tone permanently? What will be cost for that?

I have dark skin and the Jaw and chin are very darker than rest of theface and thehands skin. I want even skin tone of my face and want to lighter the... READ MORE

Is there any permanent solution to lightening and whitening my skin?

Is there any permanent solution to lightening and whitening my skin 2-3 shades, plz answer me , I really need it. My wedding is soon and my body has... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgerical Solution or Kind of Permenant Treatment for Darker Skin Around Mouth? (photo)

I am 20 and i have medium skin tone with sort of acne and i have treated it but i have darker skin around my mouth i have tried lightening creams and... READ MORE

Is it possible to become pure white like an Albino? I really hoped It's possible. Can it be permanent?

Pale White Skin Whitening , Please Answer Doctor i be pleased for an answer :) READ MORE

How can I lighten by skin permanantly?

I dont want to be white or pale but fair in complexion. My complexion is much lighter than olive but not fair. Can i use low percent monobenzone or... READ MORE

What kind of cream can I use to turn my skin completely white like Michael Jackson? I want something that's permanent.

I need a skin whitening cream that's permanent and that can totally depigment my skin for life. Thank you READ MORE

How do I find a doctor who can help me get a better permanent complexion?

I am very dark i hate it help me get a doctor to help me get a nice bright complexion,it should not be cream or soap because i am done trying READ MORE

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