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Dark Neck and Underarms?

Some parts of my body have got very dark from past few years. Now what would u suggest to lighten them such as neck, underarms in around 2-3 months READ MORE

I am 17 years old with a dark neck (Photo)

I am 17 years when i was younger like around 10 my neck was light. the color of my original color i was skinny at a normal weight as i grew my neck... READ MORE

I'm Asian. Can I get lighter skin? (Photo)

I am Asian and I want to look Caucasian. I really want lighter skin. My face is light but my neck, lower arms, knees stomach are really dark. I want... READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Skin Treament That Helps Remove a Heavy Tan?

I would like to know if there is any effective laser treatment, that can help get rid of a heavy tan on the following specific areas: both forearms,... READ MORE

I have got dark skin around nose and neck. Could you help me to treat it. (photo)

I have attached the flicks of my nose and neck. I have been using lemon and tomato for the past month.I couldn't see any improvement.It would be... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation from Ingrown Hair?

I have hyperpigmentation under my neck due to ingrown hair, which I pluck. What are some possible solutions to my problem? I am a 34-year-old female. READ MORE

My upper lip area and below my lower lip area and the corners of my mouth, and neck are really dark. What do I do to lighten?

My neck is a really dirty charcoal colour along side the upper and lower areas of my lip and mouth corners. When I scrub my neck, dirt does come off... READ MORE

How I can I get rid of a dark neck and dark underarms?

I have had this for a while now, and it's embarrassing. I shower ever day so it's not dirty. READ MORE

How to restore light skin tone of the face and neck which has darkened noticeably? African Skin (Photo)

Face and neck has become darker than the rest of body. How do I lighten the face and neck back to the complexion of my body? READ MORE

Can I treat darkness of face?

I have a blackness near my lips corner and around the neck but my body complexion is white but my face is dark so what is the solution READ MORE

I want to become white. Now I am dark in color, is this possible?

I want to make my face , handsand neck whitee within short period of this possible. ......? If possible tell me how to become white. ............ READ MORE

My eczema has gone away but when will the darkened skin wear off?

My face and stomach are two completely different colours. My stomach, neck and legs are much darker then my face due to previous eczema. However, my... READ MORE

My neck is black. How can I clean it? Which cream is best?

My neck is black which creame is use for clean READ MORE

Sun tan - My Hands and neck area are too dark, how can I lighten my skin.

My Hands and neck area is too dark how to lighten my skin. READ MORE

How do you fix skin discoloration if it is all over the body? (Photo)

Ive had skin discoloration since birth. My legs are of a dark skinned tone, my stomach is blotchy with dark/light patches, my face is the same as my... READ MORE

Hello, my name is Horace I have an uneven skin tone on face, neck and a patch on my chest. (Photo)

How can I get rid of my uneven skin tone on my face. Also my neck is darker than my normal skin tone. I don't know if that sun burn or what. Also my... READ MORE

I've had eczema all my life , all around my body. Now there is discoloration all over my neck, lips and ankles. (photos)

Please help. The discoloration on my body is really unpleasant and is ruining my confidence everyday . What is the best lightening cream for my LIPS... READ MORE

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