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Elure Skin Lightening Cream Work?

My doctor said I should use Elure to lighten some dark skin spots. Are you familiar with this product? Does it work for all skin types? Do you... READ MORE

Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Dark Armpits?

I'm Asian; me & my sisters have these dark underarms. I've had them ever since I was little and I have always been embarassed about raising my arm... READ MORE

My Skin Has Got Dark Since I Was Playing Volleyball? (photo)

Now i had stopped playing bt i'm nt getting my earlier face skin colour back,what shall i do?and nowadays i'm getting pimples on face more,how can i... READ MORE

Can doctors in New York City prescribe Hydroquinone for skin lightening purposes?

I want to lighten my tone by 4-5 shades- I am tired of buying hydroquinone online from companies that claim to be legitimate- can any doctor prescribe... READ MORE

How can I whitening my penis and the area between my thighs? (photos)

How to whitening my penis and the area between my thighs? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lighten the Skin Up 3 Shades Permanently?

Is there a way to permanently lighten my skin? I have dark skin and looking to lighten my skin up to 3 shades permanently. READ MORE

Bleach/Lighten Skin On Penis?

I Want to Bleach or Lighten the Skin on my Penis Which is Darker Than the Rest, is Tha Possible? READ MORE

Permanent Skin Lightening for Wheatish Skin?

I have a wheatish skin tone and I want to lighten my skin by 2-3 shades only. Can you please suggest the procedure that I need to undergo? Do I need... READ MORE

Can Skin Lightening Creams Such As Kojic and Depiwhite Help in Scar Reduction ?If Yes, How Long?

Can Skin lightening creams such as Kojic and Depiwhite help in Scar reduction ?If yes, how long will it take? I had done a TCA 15 % peel and there was... READ MORE

Best Skin Whitening Treatment for Dark Complexion?

My skin colour is dark tan and I want my skin white. Is it possible? Which is the best skin whitening treatment to achieve this? READ MORE

Options to Lighten Belly Button Skin?

I have always touched my belly button ever since I was very young and it's a habit that's really difficult to break. As a result of it, my belly... READ MORE

How can I make my bikini line and armpit lighter ?

I am 19 years old girl and my skintone is light to medium but i have a dark areas in my armpits and the bikini line and inner thighs also, they are... READ MORE

Is this possible to get a fair complexion through any surgery? (Photo)

I want to just know is that is there any surgery that can be done to change complexion? I have read somewhere about the grafting of skin over face... READ MORE

Remedy to remove black pigmentation on hands caused after using skin lightening creams? (photos)

I was using lightening creams last year to lighten and tone my skin a bit though i was on and off with the application not to be super super light... READ MORE

My skin is lighter now. What sunscreen would you recommend? (photos)

Hi my skin has lightened and it looks very nice...I am going out of town to the islands were it is very hot and I'm in need of a good sunscreen to... READ MORE

Does Tretinoin make you lighter?

My dermatologist prescribed tretinoin to me, to help my skin get back it's radiance. My skin is already pretty even, but it's become dull. I noticed... READ MORE

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