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Is Skin Lightening Without Bleaching Cream Possible?

I'm black and i have a chocolate complexion. Currently areas of my skin have been discoloured due to exposure to the sun. People have advised me to... READ MORE

How to Whiten the Dark Areas Such As Inner Thigh?

I had used a lot of whitening products but it doesn't show much improvement what should i do. is this hyper pigmentation? READ MORE

Can you suggest treatment for dark skin on inner thighs and lower bums? (photo)

Hi..can you please suggest, treatment for ,Dark skin on lower buttocks and inner thigh's ( Problem could be 1, i am having fungal issues 2, i applied... READ MORE

Skin Lightening Cream for Area Between the Thighs?

I have dark skin between the thighs due to hyperpigmentation (not due to fungus). Is there a skin lightening cream I can use? Will it have any effect... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation from Ingrown Hair?

I have hyperpigmentation under my neck due to ingrown hair, which I pluck. What are some possible solutions to my problem? I am a 34-year-old female. READ MORE

I Shaved my Armpits when I Was in High School. It's Still Dark After All These Years Why?

I'm Asian and now 28 years old. High school was ages ago. Why are my underarms still hyperpigmented? I used hydroquinone solution back in college... READ MORE

Can 1% Tretinoin Cream Lighten Hypopigmentation?

Can 1% Tretinoin Cream Lighten Hypopigmentation? READ MORE

Will the discoloration on my chin ever go away? (photo)

I used to pick at my skin and it left some hyperpigmentation on my chin. It's a darker color than the skin surrounding it. It's been here for the past... READ MORE

How should I treat post inflammatory hyper pigmentation around my mouth after a skin rash?

East Indian - light brown skin. I have Dark area around mouth after skin rash, 2 weeks old. Current regimen is retinol products and Retin A micro... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Permanent Tan on Arms?

How can I get rid of a seemingly permanent tan on bottom half of arms  I've had a tan on the bottom half of my arms for as long as I can remember... READ MORE

Where to Get L-Glutathione Injections for Hyperpigmentation?

I was just wondering where can I purchase or get L-glutathione injections prescribed to me from someone who is a health care practitioner or a... READ MORE

Options for Body Hair and Dark Back and Hips?

I am a 24-year-old Indian woman. I have really dark back and hips and I have so many hairs on my body everywhere, including face. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Effective Treatment for Dark Underarms?

I have bilateral under arm darkening and was wondering what treatments I could try. My doctor feels that this is not acanthosis nigricans (has... READ MORE

Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel for Hyperpigmentation in an African American?

I am an African American female with hyperpigmentation on my legs. I want to know, will Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel be effective for a person of my... READ MORE

I have olive skin, with dark pigmentation around my neck, waist, and inner thighs. What can I do to lighten it?

Hi i have dark pigmented skin around my neck and my waist. It's not extremely dark, but it is noticeable compared to my skin color, which is a... READ MORE

Should I apply piona bleaching cream all over in a thin layer to even out my skin my face due to spotting? (Photo)

I started using piona bleaching cream abt a month ago... I spot treated and particularly focused on the line across my nose (african american female)... READ MORE

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after rash around mouth - treating with Obagi for 5 months- keep at it?

I've been treating this around my mouth area and dark area has significantly improved after 5 months but not fully clear. But only needs light... READ MORE

I am light brown in skin colour, but an area of my leg is dark brown. How do I get rid of this hyperpigmentation? (photos)

Hello, I have hyperpigmentation on the back of my right thigh (close to where my hamstring is). I am light brown in skin colour, but the area in... READ MORE

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