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Laser Treatment or Fade Cream for Freckles?

I have many freckles on my nose. Are there any creams I can use to make them fade, or is laser treatment the only option I have? READ MORE

Is Their Any Bleaching Cream to Remove my Freckles Fast on my Arms ? (Photo)

Is Their Any Bleaching Cream to Remove my Freckles Fast on my Arms ? READ MORE

How long does it take hydroquinone to fade freckles?

I'm 29, and I've been trying to get rid of freckles on my cheeks for as long as I can remember, but nothing has worked. Recently I was prescribed a... READ MORE

How to Remove Dark Patches for Olive Skin?

I'm of Mediterranean origin and have an olive skin. I have freckles from childhood and have recently moved to Tunis and it's pretty sunny and have... READ MORE

Can I Get These Dark Freckles on my Body Removed?

I do not have a lot of freckles on my body, just a few dark ones on my arms and legs. I was wondering of their was anything I can do to get them removed. READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of the freckles and discoloration on my face? (Photo)

I am 25 years old. My skin is pale and I often where self tanner to blend my freckles in more. I would like my skin to be one colour so I am more... READ MORE

I've got freckles and there's this really dark one that I want to remove but I don't know how to and what to do. (Photo)

There's the freckle near my eye I don't really like it, I just wanna know like what would be good and safe to remove it, I've been looking at chemical... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove freckles?

I have fair skin and many light (very light) freckles. What is it recommended? READ MORE

I have large amounts of freckles on my face I want to get rid of them, what are my options? (photos)

Around my cheek bone area there are large brown spots that never went away after pregnancy. READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for my freckles?

I am 25 and I I have tons of freckles mostly on my cheeks, also oily skin, minor acne, occasional cysts. I do have some scarring and depigmentation... READ MORE

Would Using Melanotan Help Hypopigmentation That is Spread in Small Freckle Like Dots on Legs and Arms?

I have freckels am starting to get white dots on arms/legs. Im tring to avoid sun but run a lot i've seen a dermo and gotten some liposomal... READ MORE

Can using hydroquinone make you pigment more dark?

I ordered some hydroquinone from the internet (15%) strength and after using it four times, I have REALLY DARK patches on my face and back of hands. I... READ MORE

Is there any creams to help fade freckles?

When I was younger I spent alot of time in the sun and was very freckled on my face. Is there any creams or procedures that can help lighten or even... READ MORE

How can I fade or eliminate these sun blotches and freckles on my body? (Photo)

I already do various lasers for my face and decolletage but the sun spots/freckles on my legs and rest of my body are becoming unsightly. What... READ MORE

I am using hydroquinone usp 4%, mometasone furoate ip 0.1% and tretinoin gel usp 0.025%

Could you please tell if i use constantly these creams everynight ... i will get rid of frenckles? .. please answer i have those frenckles and... READ MORE

I am in my first trimester; a lot of freckles showed up on my stomach, arms, legs, neck and chest.

What can I do to help them fade? Will they get better after pregnancy? They were not there before pregnancy. READ MORE

What treatments to try for freckle removal? (Photo)

I have had freckles since being a young child, during pregnancy a few have merged together and Id like to know if they can effectively be removed? Are... READ MORE

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