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Does glutathione whitening injection work? (Photo)

Are they really effective ??? how many injection should i get before my skin lights a degree or two READ MORE

Benoquin Safety for Skin Lightening Safe?

Is benoquin safe for skin lightening if used in diluted form, like mixing in a vaseline body lotion? Will it cause skin lightening? Additional... READ MORE

Does melarase am lighten the skin?

Does melarase am lighten the skin .because I am only interested in using am .if so by how many days I could see the change.my main is to lighten the... READ MORE

Will Hydroquinone 4% Lighten a Flat Mole and Improve Its Appearance Cosmetically? (photo)

Please let us ignore the fact that hydroquinone may be carcinogenic and simply concentrate on whether it can benefit me cosmetically. I have asked... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Skin Lightener?

What is the most effective skin lightener for topical use that can be bought without prescription? What ingredients are the best to look for when... READ MORE

Is liquid hydroquinone just as effective as a cream form or is it better?

I've heard liquid hydroquinone is more effective than a cream form because it penetrates better. I know the Obagi C Rx line has a liquid form of... READ MORE

Is Sepiwhite an Effective Product for Skin Lightening?

This is a link for a facial lightening/whitening cream I was planning on buying, along with one for whole body; I was wondering if these products are... READ MORE

Does 6% Glycolic Acid Lotion Work?

I have started to use 6% glycolic acid lotion? will it work to lighten my skin color? if yes then how many days will it take and will it peel my... READ MORE

How can I lighten my skin fast but safe?

Okay well addition to getting a Rhinoplasty, I also want to lighten my skin. Can anyone give me a safe,VERY EFFECTIVE solution to lightening my skin,... READ MORE

Skin lightening glutathione pills?

Do these Glutathione pills work? I read a bunch of reviews saying it takes 4-6 months for darker skin afro americans to see a change & to swallow... READ MORE

Skin Lightening Injections and Pills

Hello , I'd like to lighten my skin all over and even it out .. I heard about the skin whitening injections .. i'm not sure of how effecient... READ MORE

I have dark inner thighs, buttocks and armpits. I am a very light fair skinned 16 year old boy. What natural options can I use?

What are natural and effective ways in which I can bleach and rejuvenate the skin and what type of natural treatments are recommended to allow skin... READ MORE

Can msm, vitamin c lighten my skin effective?

Currently I am trying to whiten my skin and I am using the following Glutathione. Capsules Msm powder Vitamin c Will it lightens to 3 shades from my... READ MORE

Are Dr. James whitening capsules effective and safe?

I'm just 16 yr old girl I'm going to Buy Dr. James whitening capsules are they really effective? are they safe? READ MORE

Can Pearl Powders, Fibroin, Glutathione Whiten Skin?

It is very popular in Asia that people use pearl powders, fibroin, glutathione injection to lighten skin. Do they work? READ MORE

Lightening the Genital Area with Q-switch Laser?

Does q-switch laser (1064 nm) lighten a dark genital area?I am asian but on the fairer side but my genital area is much darker than the rest of my... READ MORE

L-glutathione Liposomal for Skin Lightening? (photo)

I am Indian.I have a brown skin color.I was wondering whether taking L-glutathione would make my skin tone lighter and if so by how many... READ MORE

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