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How can I get rid of a dark area on my upper lip?

Ive had this problem since i was 23 im 29 now it all started when i noticed abit of hair on my upper lip honestly it didnt look that bad i then... READ MORE

My face is the darkest area. my hands and legs are comparatively fairer. How can I improve my face tone?

I am 20 year old female. I was fair during my childhood and got darker by the age of 12, now improved a bit , but still not like that in my childhood.... READ MORE

Skin darkening over the years. How to treat darkened skin (home remedies and/or medication)

I had a light brown skin until I was 6-7 years old and was struck by typhoid. However after taking antibiotics (not sure which ones) my skin darkened.... READ MORE

I having big problem with acne and I have been using a bleaching cream. And now my skin has darken. Any suggestions?

I having big promblem with acne and I have been using a bleaching cream now due to this cream my skin has got really dark and also my moustache area... READ MORE

Half of my face is much darker than the other half since birth. What's the cure?

I also have hair since birth on my darker side of the face but no other problems such as irritation or itching exists. Its just the color difference... READ MORE

How to remove dark patches? (Photo)

I found a part of my face is darkened and small pimples are the... it is very ugly.. I have seen a skin specialist he said that it is a READ MORE

Can I use melacare without the advise of a physician?

I used melacare about a week.. now my skin found darker &pimples are increased..can I stop using melacare right now.? READ MORE

Is There Any Surgerical Solution or Kind of Permenant Treatment for Darker Skin Around Mouth? (photo)

I am 20 and i have medium skin tone with sort of acne and i have treated it but i have darker skin around my mouth i have tried lightening creams and... READ MORE

I've being using the kojic acid soap for over 2 months with great results but now my skin is getting darker. Why?

Why is my skin getting darker while using kojic acid soap after getting great result the first two months ? READ MORE

Why is my chin and upper lip darker than the rest of my face?

My foundation color is beige. Just my upper lip and chin are dark it looks horrible. Please please help READ MORE

Sun tan - My Hands and neck area are too dark, how can I lighten my skin.

My Hands and neck area is too dark how to lighten my skin. READ MORE

How Do I Restore my Original Skin Colour? (photo)

Over the past 5 years my skin has become darker ad darker, I was wondering if there was some way to restore my sin to my original skin color and keep... READ MORE

I'm pregnant, why is my butt not the same anymore and how can I get it back?

Well since I'm pregnant my butt got so ugly like the skin tone is really un even and like the inner part got to dark and I got alot of stretch marks... READ MORE

Skin became darkened after using steroid cream

I have been using betnovate N for 2 years for fairness. now i have stopped using it. After stopping these my face has skin rash then i have applied... READ MORE

My face become darkened. What can I do to regain my white skin complexion?

I am using benzyol peroxide due to acne and cetaphil moisturiser but my face became darkened.which product can I used to regain my fair complexion by... READ MORE

How to Even out Facial Skin Tone?

I have different darkened areas in the face and I want to get rid of them. How can I do this? What treatment would you suggest? READ MORE

How Can I Get my Original Skin Tone Back? (photo)

My face has gotten a lot darker and IDK why or how as I wear high SPF even though I am not exposed to sun. I also developed dark splotch on chest and... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 40 MG has made my Skin Reddish. Should I stop using the cream or do you think its a good sign?

I have been using Hydroquinone 40 MG a Spanish topical cream by the name of LicoForte. My skin has been very reddish since the first application. It... READ MORE

Can't Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation. What Should I Do? (photo)

I had a big mole of almost 1.5 - 2 cms diameter on my forehead. So, I had a laser mole removal and I can still see some darkness in that circle. I use... READ MORE

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