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How Can I Treat Very Dark Lip Corners and Hydroquinone Does Not Work? (photo)

I have side of my lips darker than the rest of my face. I have been having for a long time now. It makes my face look wider and weird. i have tried... READ MORE

My upper lip area and below my lower lip area and the corners of my mouth, and neck are really dark. What do I do to lighten?

My neck is a really dirty charcoal colour along side the upper and lower areas of my lip and mouth corners. When I scrub my neck, dirt does come off... READ MORE

What treatments will get rid of the dark pigment in my laugh lines?

I'm 29 and have always had prominent laugh lines. I'm Hispanic and my knees, elbows, knuckles, and any fold/joint is darker than the rest of my skin.... READ MORE

The corners of my lips are too dark. How can I lighten them? (Photo)

Have dry n very dark lips especially lips winters lips colour turned into blueish black n look so weired. Please tell me how i can get rid... READ MORE

What should I do about my lips and the dark corners? (Photo)

I have eczema and very irrational skin type , i had Orthodontics treatment when i was child , tried different types of treatment , different types of... READ MORE

Body discoloration: back is getting darker, my neck is very dark, dark spots in both corners of my lips. (photo)

.front portion of my body is quite fair but my back is tanned my hands are tanned in some places and main concern is my lip area whick look really... READ MORE

How to remove dark corner of lips?

I have such spots for longtime it looks really weird READ MORE

How to remove a dark lip corner. (photo)

So basically I got a zit on the corner of my lip which I didn't notice and I scracted it thinking it might be an itch. The skin got kinda peeled and... READ MORE

I am wondering what can be done to fix darkness on outside corner of eye and eyelid? (Photo)

This started about 10 years ago after generic pain killer overdose. After throwing up and head ringing, the next day I had this bruising on eye lid... READ MORE

Can I use tri luma with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic?

F/19/AA I've been using tri-luma for a month now and it's helped some acne marks on my forehead but I'm trying to reduce the dark pigmentation on the... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the dark corners on my lips?

I have dark lips as it is, I always have but a few years ago I started noticing that they were getting darker in the bottom corners and it's almost... READ MORE

I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do to get my lips back to their natural color, or is it too late? (Photo)

Ever since I was little and growing up, my lips have been a rosy pink color. I don't know what has happened over the years but my top lip and the... READ MORE

My top lip is darker than my bottom lip, as well as the corners of my mouth. Are there any treatment options? (Photo)

I asked my GP about options available to make my lips more pink and even in colour for both upper and lower lip and she told me that my options are;... READ MORE

I have a dark spot on the left side corner of my lip. What can I do? (Photo)

Its not raised and it seems to gave dark dot center and the skin surrounding it is a dark brown color. Ive had it for 10+ years now and im thinking... READ MORE

The outer corners of my lips are very dark. They have been for years but it has started to bother me (Photo)

No only is the area dark, but the skin isn't as soft, and it has a different texture almost. By looking at the little creases, it sort of looks... READ MORE

How can I fade my dark lips? (Photo)

Hi, I have some very dark lip corners. i try to moisturize them but it is not helping. I have in UK and i Need help .. READ MORE

Treatment for the redness around my lips and dark areas in the corner of my mouth? (photos)

I'm 19 i had a bad flu when i was 16 and after that my lips started to develop these dark/brownish areas in the corner of mouth and redness, also my... READ MORE

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