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Can Dermesse Skin Bleaching Cream (4%) Cause Redness and Irritation?

I have been using Dermesse for a couple of months now. A couple of nights ago I applied it a little more heavily, perhaps, than I normally do. The... READ MORE

My Chin is Darker Than Rest of the Face, What Should I Use to Even my Skin?

Rest of the body color is fine but my chin is 4 shdes darker dan rest of the body READ MORE

Darkness on upperlip and chin. How cna I get rid of it?

Hi doctor My wife having darkness on upper lip and around chin when we spoke to dermatologist she said it's due to sun exposure (tan) Suggested peel... READ MORE

How can I lighten the skin under my chin back to the same color as the rest of my face?

I'm a 23 year old African American female and I've been growing hair under my chin for quite some time. Te hair grows thick and I'm pretty sure it's... READ MORE

Non-surgical Treatment for Slight Discoloration?

I'm only 15 years old and I have a slight skin discoloration on my chin. Is that bad? Can I fix it naturally without surgery? READ MORE

Will the discoloration on my chin ever go away? (photo)

I used to pick at my skin and it left some hyperpigmentation on my chin. It's a darker color than the skin surrounding it. It's been here for the past... READ MORE

How do I make my skin go back to it being dark, after using hair removal cream on my under neck and chin?

Please can you help me How do I make my skin go bak to it being dark, after using hair removel cream on my under neck and chin. READ MORE

Why is my chin and upper lip darker than the rest of my face?

My foundation color is beige. Just my upper lip and chin are dark it looks horrible. Please please help READ MORE

My chin and forehead are darker than rest of the face. Any suggestions? (photos)

My chin wasn't like this, it got like this gradually a few years ago and there aren't any dark spots , the skin on all of my chin is uniformly darker. READ MORE

How can I get all my face the same color? (Photo)

My chin ,nose and forehead are my natural skin color than my cheeks are a little lighter and when I have no makeup I look wierd and when I wear makeup... READ MORE

How can I fix this dark skin around my chin? (Photo)

I've tried everything from fillers to hydroquinone to melasma topicals. Please help. READ MORE

Skin around my lips chin and nose is turning darker. What should I do?

The darkened part burns n is very dry and itchy to, please help me READ MORE

Bleaching face. Now I have black around my chin, lips and forehead

Doctor i have used vlcc bleach last day on my face.and now i have got black aronud my chin,lip and forhead area.i am very disapointed please help READ MORE

How to remove dark spots under my chin

My face is white but my chin is so dark, so give me a suggestion...please READ MORE

Any suggestions for skin bleaching problem?

Okay so I started bleaching my skin a week ago because my skin got very dark over the past months since I wasn't wearing sunscreen and I have light... READ MORE

What's the best way to lighten the dark skin on my upper lip and chin area? (Photo)

I've tried everything to lighten my upper lip and chin area but nothing I do ever works. I used a razor on my upper lip years ago and it cussed the... READ MORE

What are these dark spots on chin? How do I treat them? (Photo)

I used tan a lot when I was younger. However, I did put sun tan lotion on my face every time I lay outside. When I was 22 years old, two dark spots... READ MORE

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