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I Have a Bleach Burn on my Face, How Do I Treat it?

I used a bleaching cream a few days ago and ended up with a severe chemical burn around my chin and lips , it looks horrible and I dont know what to... READ MORE

Can Dermesse Skin Bleaching Cream (4%) Cause Redness and Irritation?

I have been using Dermesse for a couple of months now. A couple of nights ago I applied it a little more heavily, perhaps, than I normally do. The... READ MORE

I had bed bug on my right arm and used bleaching cream with sunscreen and got burn. Can I Reverse the Effects of Bleached Skin?

I had bed bug on my right arm and used bleaching cream with sunscreen and got burns very red burns use cream to heal it but its left a very dry and... READ MORE

Bleaching burned my face... how to cure it?

I bleached my face & after 15minutes when I washed it my face was completely dark & tan. I wonder how long will it take to get back my normal... READ MORE

Can Triluma Be Used for Other Areas than Face?

I am African-American and have dark spots on my abdominals which are from a 1st degree burn injury. My dermatologist prescribed triluma cream to treat... READ MORE

I bleached on my face and it turns red like it burns?

5 days ago i bleached on my face and it turns red like it burns ... My face is still red how can i get rid of this redness please tell me ........ It... READ MORE

Do you know of any products I can use to remove dark areas on upper lip and to heal the burned wrinkled patch? (Photo)

Bleached upper lip section with Septol lightening Cream, over a few weeks started getting darker and looked burned and wrinkled.. I've used shea... READ MORE

My arms got burned from using strong lightening gels. What can I use to get my skins light and back to normal.

I had really bad sunburn on my arms from my vacation last year, so now my arms are darker than the rest of my body and i hate it so that's the reason... READ MORE

Burned armpits after using veet wax stripes! Please help.

Two weeks ago or so I used veet wax stripes under my arm pits to remove the hair It hurt so bad but I just thought its just the way it works. Anyways,... READ MORE

I burned my vagina and inner thigh with bleaching cream! (photo)

I was using a bleaching cream to lighten my private areas,i didnt feel discomfort at first till i saw it became really red and irritated . I stope... READ MORE

What cream is good for getting my skin color back after a burn?

Hi doctor i would like to ask what cream is good for getting back my skin color fast.My burn is already heal..Only feel a little tightness.. READ MORE

Can hydroquinone burn be treatable ? Please help me (Photo)

I used hydroquinon 2 percent yesterday but i think i used it in exceed amound cause redness in skin what is it ? Is it curable completely?how long it... READ MORE

Bleach burned my skin and left very horrible black patches. How can I get rid off from this? I want my original skin back

I'm 23 years old.I was very fair but when I did bleach on my arms and back it burned it disastrously. .it did very black patches I also consulted to... READ MORE

What is the best lightening cream I can use to bleach my skin without an after burn?

Am an African, and I want to lighten my skin and my butt and thigh area, but I need a cream that won't leave an after burn. READ MORE

I burnt my face using skinlite cream. What to do? plz suggest. (photo)

Hello Dr. I used skinlite cream just for 2days and my skin is burnt and its became very dry and red.  I am 23/f. From India. READ MORE

Underarms burned by baking soda. What's the best way to get rid of the dark skin? (Photo)

I was sweating and put baking soda to my underarms and what happened was horrible. I got a really bad burn and now the skin has turned really dark... READ MORE

Remedy for burnt lips after kitchen accident. What can I do to regain it's original color?

Am African and I used to have a bright pink lower lip, though the upper lip is darker. After my lips got burnt as a result of hot oil kitchen... READ MORE

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