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How to get rid of dark skin on my hip and back?

My face colour does'nt match when i wear saree to some funvtions,it looks viered so please help me out with some homemade remedies and lotions. READ MORE

Can I use melacare on my body?

Stomech and back side dark to useing melacare whitening READ MORE

I have discoloration/ dark spots on the back and old deep blackheads. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have discoloration/ dark spots on my back. I was exposing myself more to the sun or tanning salons in the past and that might have caused it. I also... READ MORE

Cutaneous amyloidosis. What is the procedure that may get rid of it ? (Photo)

I have been suffering from the cutaneous amyloidosis since 2003 which is represented by a dark patches on my shoulders and the lower back. what is the... READ MORE

I'm Indian: my back and butt are much darker than the rest of my body.

How can i Lighten it/ make my skin even toned? I also have hair all over these places. could that be the problem? READ MORE

What is this discoloration spreading on my skin? (Photo)

I am a 21 year old woman. Noticed a light discoloration about 2years ago on my hands but it seems to be getting even more prominent and has spread to... READ MORE

Back, Stomach and Butt Are Darker Are Severely Darker Than the Rest of my Body? (photo)

I'm a black female teenager with light brown skin. But my butt, stomach and lower back are really black. In my baby pictures my body was all one skin... READ MORE

Options for Body Hair and Dark Back and Hips?

I am a 24-year-old Indian woman. I have really dark back and hips and I have so many hairs on my body everywhere, including face. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Tri-luma Cream for Dark Spots Caused by Lichen Sclerosis

I have two (quarter-size) dark spots on my back that developed after treatment with a corticosteriod cream for white patches caused by lichen... READ MORE

How can I lightening skin?

Im african,my back,legs,back my arms is extremly dark but my face, chest is extrem lighter. It looks so different and so odd. READ MORE

I have Tinea Versicolo. Can I professionally bleach my skin so it is all an even color?

I have tinea versi color it's a skin condition that leave spots lighter or darker than your actual skim color when your out in the sun normally. My... READ MORE

Body is 3-4 shades darker than my face/hands/feet. (photo) What can I try to get a full body lightening effect long term/permane

I've always had a medium/warm skin tone, but I've noticed that my stomach, buttocks, back and back of my neck are dramatically darker than my face,... READ MORE

What do you recommend I do about marks on backbone/butt cheeks (where the bones are) from sitting on hard chairs? (Photo)

I sit on very hard uncomfortable chairs 6 hours a day in my high school, and b/c of it I get these brown marks on the skin on my back bone and buttox.... READ MORE

My butt, stomach, back and legs are darker than my face. What can I do to fix it?

The front of my legs are light but the back are darker and gets more darker as you go up. My arms are uneven too. the front of my arms(which shows the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for whitening injections?

Hi I want takewhitening injection coz actually I have many colours in my body for ex my face different Than my body my knees is darker than my legs my... READ MORE

What's the best way to lighten the skin on my neck and back? (Photo)

PlZ any treatment. I am using any cream but not working plz the people is joking and smiling me plz READ MORE

Could you please tell me the best way to lighten parts of my body to my natural skin tone? (Photo)

I am an African American woman who has a natural caramel skin tone. I have noticed that my neck, arms, and back have darkened dramatically. I am very... READ MORE

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