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Safe Skin Lightening Cream

I am trying to find a perfect skin lightening cream but i am woried about safety. i want a cream that fades and bleaches skin but with out givin me... READ MORE

My face is turning dark and I need help.

I am 42 and my face is turning dark and i need your help on the same READ MORE

Which skin whitening cream is better? (photos)

Hi , i am looking for the best skin whitening cream which can improve my skin colour with in maximum 2 months . I am 40yrs old and not very very dark... READ MORE

I have a very dark underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian. Is there any treatment for this?

Very dark Underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian My periods are regular now without oral contraceptives used to regularize them. Am... READ MORE

How do i remove dark spots on my face? (photos)

I am 40 and i developed the dark spots 6 years ago when i was pregnant with twins. They have since spread to both cheeks and i have no idea if their... READ MORE

What is this dark spot that extends down from my eye? (Photo)

I am a 40 years old and over the last 3 years I have had Rosacea. Over the last year I have developed a dark spot with a defined edge which extends... READ MORE

Please What Cream Can I Use on My Face?

I have a dark face and a fair body. I have tried every cream but the face is still dark. I'm planning to start using fair and white lotion the pink... READ MORE

What's the best way to lighten my hands? (Photo)

My hands have got dark during the years and like wrinkles I'm only 36 READ MORE

I am 39, male. My face and neck are more darker than body.

I am applying now spf 50 cream. I am not more exposing myself to the sun. READ MORE

Procedure for a Brighter Look?

I am 36 years old, I have some dark to medium brown spots on my face, and some few pimples. Should I use IPL, Laser Treatment, Fraxel Laser, or what... READ MORE

I have dark skin under my arms and on my neck. What's the best treatment to lighten it?

I am white arabian woman, I am 38 yrs old and I have a life time prblem with very dark underarm and embarrassing darkness over my neck, although I am... READ MORE

Can I use skinlite?

Hi Dr. I am 35 years old. I am using skinlite for 6 months. It improved my face colour. But I have heard of side effects of skinlite. Can you please... READ MORE

I am a Ghanaian and 36yrs of age. Is Glutathione pill good? (Photo)

I have bad acne and black spots on my face. It gets bad when it get to my cycle. I tried several products prescribed by skin specialist here but I see... READ MORE

Dermamelan to lighten sun spots- permanent skin damage?

Can prolonged use ( 4 months) of Dermamelan on arms/forearms/thighs cause permanent skin damage?I did use it this long and observe dermis 'loss' on... READ MORE

Can I lighten my skin facial skin?

After years of using differrent products on my face to combat razor bumps and dry skin my face has now become very dark in complextion in comparison... READ MORE

41 year old diabetic. Can I use glutathione injections for a fair complexion? Are there any side effects for using that? (Photo)

I m 41year old diabetic ,I want to use glothathion injection for fair complection? Is there any side effects for using that? READ MORE

I've been suffering from ashy dermatosis for 12 years. Is there any cure? (Photo)

Past 12 years im having ashy dermatosis patches on my forehead, arms, trunk and neck region. applied many creams, went to many derms but no cure. Is... READ MORE

Dark skinned vagina; I don't know if there's a way to treat this?

I'm a 40 yr white woman with unfortunately darkened skin in the vaginal area, i tried to bleach it couple of years back with an exfoliant cream but... READ MORE

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