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How to Whiten the Dark Areas Such As Inner Thigh?

I had used a lot of whitening products but it doesn't show much improvement what should i do. is this hyper pigmentation? READ MORE

Possibly to Repair Damage Caused by Skin Bleaching?

I have used a bleaching agent containing two percent hydroquinone by palmers and i fear that my skin has been excessively damaged.It's not as... READ MORE

I Have a Bleach Burn on my Face, How Do I Treat it?

I used a bleaching cream a few days ago and ended up with a severe chemical burn around my chin and lips , it looks horrible and I dont know what to... READ MORE

Facial Pigmentation Caused by Bleaching Cream?

I'm an Asian girl who has dark facial pigmentation as a result of using jolen (bleaching cream). I believe I used too much bleaching powder and this... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Repair Skin Damage Caused by Bleach?

A few years ago, I once tried bleaching my upper hair lips. I accidentally left it on a few minutes longer than the allotted time. As a result, I was... READ MORE

How Can I Lighten the Dark-toned Skin Above my Upper Lip?

I received a few laser hair removal treatments on my upper lip and afterwards noticed my skin darkening there. I'm worried that from far away, people... READ MORE

I have been bleaching my skin for a very long time. Can I Reverse the Effects of Bleached Skin?

I have been bleaching my skn for a very long time now and have progressed up to the strongest bleaching gel available. I fear I have now damaged my... READ MORE

I Didnt Know Im 2 Weeks Pregnant and I Used Hydroquinone. Im Worried, What Will Happen to my Baby?

I Didnt Know Im 2 Weeks Pregnant and I Used Hydroquinone. Im Worried, What Will Happen to my Baby? READ MORE

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual? Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Dr. (photo)

Hydroquinone 8% Safe to Lighten Skin After 3 Fraxel 1 Dual Fraxel Seeing Some Improvement, Not As Expected or Advised by Doctor READ MORE

Can lightening your natural brown skin lead to bad side effects?

Doc i just want to ask if lighten your natural brown skin will have bad side effects? i just order perfect white from alliance in motion product and i... READ MORE

Can Dermesse Skin Bleaching Cream (4%) Cause Redness and Irritation?

I have been using Dermesse for a couple of months now. A couple of nights ago I applied it a little more heavily, perhaps, than I normally do. The... READ MORE

How to Reverse the Effects of Skin Bleaching?

Doctors, Dermatologists or .M.D.s, Last year I used a skin bleaching cream without knowing it was a skin bleach - for a month maximum. I would like to... READ MORE

Lightening cream during pregnancy? Is it safe?

Hi, i am 10 weeks pregnant and am using a lightening cream whose ingredients are based on natural plant extract. please is it safe for me to continue,... READ MORE

Can stretch marks caused by bleaching be removed? (Photo)

I tried bleaching my skin for less than 3 months and i notice i started getting stretch marks so i discontinue bot the marks contine to develop. its... READ MORE

Does melacare bring side effects?

I'm nive I have been using melacare cream for 4 years. .my skin became fair..but I scare to continue this cream it may bring side effects. .please... READ MORE

I burned my vagina and inner thigh with bleaching cream! (photo)

I was using a bleaching cream to lighten my private areas,i didnt feel discomfort at first till i saw it became really red and irritated . I stope... READ MORE

What are the side effects on the fetus if i use Skinlite cream in the 1st trimester?

Im 6 months pregnant i used skinlite cream in first trimester not daily but alt days will it affect my baby .i used it in small quantity on d face... READ MORE

How to get my natural skin color back ?

I purchased a " dark spot correcting cream" called carotone .Ive been using it for 2-3 weeks .I started to notice that the specific spots where I... READ MORE

I've used lemonvate for a year but now my face is a mess and I don't want to use it anymore. What must I use to stop it?

But the thing is if I didn't apply it for a have my face has a s rush what must I use to stop this READ MORE

I'm using panderm plus from last 2-3 months, initially it worked very nice and I got fair skin. What happened suddenly? (photo)

I want to be fair ,previously I was fair but now story changed and becoming too dark nd pimpled face. Pls suggest me something regarding this.donno... READ MORE

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