Skin Care Videos

Correcting Skin Discoloration

Dr. Hyun-Soo Lee joins RealSelf live at ASDS 2016 to discuss skin discoloration and it's various causes which include melasma, acne, and harsh laser treatments. VIEW NOW

How to Look Your Best Without Looking Different

Dr. Roberta Sengelmann discusses different options to improve your overall look without changing it, live at ASDS 2016 in New Orleans. VIEW NOW

What Is a Dermatologist and What Do They Do?

Live from ASDS 2016, Dr. Andrew Hendricks explains what a dermatologist is and what they treat. VIEW NOW

Scar Treatments With Minimal Downtime

Live at ASDS 2016 in New Orleans, Dr. Jonith Breadon shares some treatments that have little-to-no side-effects and downtime for treating scars. VIEW NOW

Solution for Wrinkles and Blotchy Skin

Dr. Andrew Kaufman discusses the damage caused by UV rays and what precautions to take to minimize that damage, live at ASDS 2016 from New Orleans. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Hemoglobin Levels (SPANISH)

Dr. Yily De Los Santos explains why before having surgery you should make sure your hemoglobin level is over 12. Start taking vitamins and supplements such as iron, B complex, folic acid and vitamin C. VIEW NOW


What Areas on the Body Can Cellfina Treat and Who Is the Best Candidate?

Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses Cellfina, the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive one-time procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings

Dr. Caroline Glicksman discusses why it is important to get an occasional skin cancer screening process, and what that process looks like. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Microdermabrasion Treatment

Dr. Justin Harper's lead skin care specialist performs a quick microdermabrasion procedure on this woman. VIEW NOW

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Summer Skin Care

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discusses how the weather during the summer months can affect your skin, and what you can do to protect yourself. VIEW NOW

Changes in Aging Skin: Part 3

Dr. Alex Eshaghian continues to discuss some of the changes that can occur as our skin ages, and offers some tips to treat unwanted issues to help the skin look its best. VIEW NOW

Changes in Aging Skin: Part 2

Dr. Alex Eshaghian continues discussing the changes that can occur in our skin naturally as we age over time and some steps that may help reverse and prevent these skin issues. VIEW NOW

Changes in Aging Skin: Part 1

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discusses some of the things that happen to our skin naturally as we age and a few simple steps that you can take to lessen the effects. VIEW NOW

Some Tips to Avoid Irritation When Using Retinoids

Dr. Alex Eshaghian offers advice on how to use retinoids such as Retin-A and retinol without irritating your skin. VIEW NOW

How Vitamin C Can Improve Your Skin

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discusses several benefits of vitamin C and how it can be used to improve your skin's appearance when applied topically. VIEW NOW