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How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair and Hyperpigmentation?

I started out bleaching my upper lip when I was a teen. I am half-Asian and I have always had upper lip hair. About the last year or so, I began to... READ MORE

I have spots that look like fordyce spots on my upper lip. Can these cause slight tingling and burning sensation? (Photo)

The picture below shows the little lumps i had DR Jason replie thanks to him but just wanted to learn Can these also come up inside your mouth they... READ MORE

What are these little skin colored dots on my upper lip? They are lumpy and don't hurt (Photo)

I was with a paid worker last 2 weeks ago and noticed white skin colured dots that are little lumpy. They are not itchy or painfull. It started with... READ MORE

How do I correct collagen (atrophy) loss from steroid injected into lips to correct artecol?

My upper lip has caved in severely and has created horizontal upper lip lines that where not there before. The surgeon who performed this procedure... READ MORE

Do I have fordyce spots?

I have this depigmentation on my upper lip and it's not raised but I'm afraid it's a Fordyce spot, can you tell me if its just a simple depigmentation... READ MORE

Can milia be removed with tea tree oil?

I have milia on my upper lip and now it's appearing under my eye I'm not sure what the cause or product I've been using that has caused this. can this... READ MORE

Chemical Burn from the Bleaching Agent Jolen

I recently used the bleaching agent Jolen on my upper lip. after several minutes it started to sting so i washed it off right away. Immediately i... READ MORE

The skin above my upper lip has been red for about 6months, desperate for help! (Photo)

My skin above my upper lip is red and a little flaky, I've been trying a lot of different medical creams but nothing helps. Such as cortison and... READ MORE

What to do about face? (photos)

I was using tretinoin and hydroquinone on dark upperlip if peeling many times but then I got a white bump appear like a blind boil but pale it also... READ MORE

2 months ago I ripped my skin with a wax strip above my upper lip. The skin that grew back looks abnormal. What do I do? (Photo)

I ripped off skin above my upper lip. It wasnt inflamed;it was dark & deep. I used neosporin. The skin that grew back is thin, has tight coils & PIH.... READ MORE

What could I use to get an even skin tone throughout my whole face including my upper lip? (Photo)

Hi i have been using nadinola which has 3% hydroquinone. I have noticed that it has bleached my upper lip making my upper lip lighter than the rest of... READ MORE

Help! Red skin above upper lip for over 1year.. Any suggestions? (photos)

The skin just above my upper lip has been red for over 1year now. The skin is always red but sometimes better than the other day. The pictures is... READ MORE

I want to know how to get rid of this cracked philtrum immediately. I cant even wear makeup to cover it. (photos)

I have had eczema since I was a child however when I reached my teenage years its gone and now I know how to control it and I hardly get any flare ups... READ MORE

I got an upper lip wax which left me with a really bad burn. What can I do to speed the healing process? (Photo)

I got an upper lip wax yesterday which left me with a really bad burn. It was red all day, today after applying aloe gel from an actual plant it... READ MORE

Could you help me with this skin issue? (Photo)

Please look at the attached photo. I have this skin issue for a long time. It's right at the upper corner of my upper lip. Is there any cream or... READ MORE

How can I treat milia on my upper lip and eye lid? (Photo)

Like a small white ball apper on upper lip and eyelid since 5 month READ MORE

Why is the skin between your upper lip and nose softer than the rest of the skin on your face?

I've noticed, and asked other guys, that after we shave and don't have the stubble of a mustache the skin about our upper lip and considerably softer... READ MORE

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