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Best Tips for Rejuvenating Skin to Reverse Signs of Aging

I would LOVE to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines. Are there skin rejuvenating secrets or tips experts could share with... READ MORE

Remedy for Damaged Skin Caused by Steroid Cream?

About 7 years ago, I was told by a dermatologist to use a steroid cream to help with uneven skin tone on my cheeks. I applied it all over my face and... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone?

I am 15 years old and I have really badly uneven skin tone on my back. I want to get rid of it fast before summer so I can wear things that show my... READ MORE

Skin tone variation in forehead around hairline (Photo)

Well I feel really annoying when everyone rushes to me and asks what's there in your hair line. Last few months I was having a lot of dandruff like... READ MORE

How do I get the PERFECT skin?

I have all these imperfections on my face. Bumps, a bit of scarring, uneven color, dilated pores, etc. Ive tried the fancy creams, facials, IPL... READ MORE

What is a good skin care line for African American skin for women?

I don't have any pictures, but I would like to know what can I do for uneven skin tone, dark spots, blackheads, little dark moles that I never had,... READ MORE

Even out skin tone best solution? (Photo)

I'm nearly 60. No wrinkles. Oily skin with large pores age spots and uneven skin tone READ MORE

Ways to remove sun spots from face and even skin tone?

I live in Florida and have quite a bit of sun spots and freckles to my face which make my skin tone uneven. It isn't a single concentrated spot, but... READ MORE

What treatment will benefit me the most for these uneven skin? (photos)

I've had acne since my teens. I am now almost 30. I've tried the VI peel, Rentin A .025 and have not seemed to work. I hate that when I smile my... READ MORE

Is there any treatment for this besides covering up with makeup? (photos)

I used to have a a lot of sores on my skin as a child. They stopped when I became a teenager. However it left my skin with an uneven tine and scars... READ MORE

I'm tired of my skin! What can I do to even out my skin tone?

My skin is super sensitive. I don't have major acne but I do get little pimples every once in a while. I would say my major problem is discoloration... READ MORE

Any suggestions for discoloration on sensitive skin?

Lately I have noticed that I have major discoloration on my skin. My cheeks seem to be lighter than the rest of my face. My skin tone one my face is... READ MORE

Tinea versicolor? (Photo)

I've had discolored skin on chest and back for a while now and been searching for a solution. After looking around the web for similar problems I came... READ MORE

I'm 29 yrs old. What can I do about my bad skin especially around eyes? (photos)

All my life I've looked very young for my age. Up until 2 or 3 years ago I would say, but my skin is terrible and I won't go anywhere without makeup,... READ MORE

How can I restore my skin tone to its original color?

My skin has been tanned on my forearms, shins, face, and the back of my neck since I was around 7 years old. Apparently I never listened to my father... READ MORE

How do I get a better or go back to my skin tone after bleaching cream? (photo)

I started using bleaching cream last year. At first I didn't know what I was really doing. I found out that it wasn't working. It started to caused... READ MORE

Uneven Complexion/Skin? (photo)

So I'm a dark skinned Latina. I like my olive skin I just don't like that its not all the same color. Like my Face is light but them I have some areas... READ MORE

Can I use dermalmd even tone serum as my skin has dried up and the tone became uneven? (Photo)

Hi Doc, well I am Mahilia from Mauritius, i'm getting married in 3 months and my face, hands and legs skin state is worrying me..urgent help please. READ MORE

My skin is rough, dull and pigmented, is there something wrong with my skin? (photos)

I had applied dettol(undiluted) 3 years ago,but week later my skin get normal and then all of sudden it start darking,i am also suffering from mild... READ MORE

What treatments could I get to fix my uneven skin tone ? (photo)

I feel like my skin is lighter at my jaw line and it does darker towards my cheeks. I have some pigmentation spots from old pimple too. I'm open to... READ MORE

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