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Best Treatment for Large, Clogged Pores on my Nose?

Nothing OTC works, and even Retin-A has done nothing for me. Is microderm abrasion the best option? Is there any help? READ MORE

Why does my face shape and features change drastically from day to day?

This may be a tricky one to answer. Some days my face looks rested and defined, others it'll look worn out than it should. When I have a tan or more... READ MORE

Is it possible to blend stretch mark edges into surrounded skin?

I am well versed in the limitations of stretch mark removal and the dermis layer of the skin. I cannot help but think that there must be some way to,... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old. What Facial Skin Treatment would you recommend for a natural look?

Hi I am 23 years old and always see around so many girls (especially models) that treat their face skin with something and they have perfect glowing... READ MORE

Can I Put Lemon Juice on my Face and Leave It Overnight?

I've done it several times before to even out my skin tone, and it doesn't burn my skin or irritate it at all. I wash off the undiluted juice... READ MORE

Chemical Burn from the Bleaching Agent Jolen

I recently used the bleaching agent Jolen on my upper lip. after several minutes it started to sting so i washed it off right away. Immediately i... READ MORE

Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What is the recommended treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia? READ MORE

Looking for Treatment for Big Pores and Holes in the Skin

Still have acne. but they seem to come under the skin and cann'not be popped. I have large pores and holes in my skin from black heads and want to... READ MORE

What is the Cause and Best Treatment for Mushy Cheek Skin?

20 year old male with cheek skin texture resembling a soaked sponge. Also creases easily and takes a while for creases to fade. READ MORE

How to treat the halo effect caused by Tri-luma?

I've been using tri luma for pih for about 2 months and I started to notice that my normal skin around the pih has lightened up too causing a halo... READ MORE

Where in the Skin Does Milia Form?

Does it form in the papillary dermis or the reticular dermis, or does it form in the epidermis? if it does form in the epidermis, then where and how... READ MORE

Treatment for Steven Johnson Syndrome?

Treatment for Steven Johnson Syndrome? READ MORE

Can Pityrosporum Folliculitus ever be cured?

I have PF on my face, mainly cheeks, and it has really destroyed my life. I understand it is chronic but is there any cases of PF being cured. I hear... READ MORE

Home treatment of dermatofibroma?

Except surgery,how to remove dermatofibroma READ MORE

What are the best anti-aging products for very sensitive skin?

I'm a 37 year old woman who has a very sensitive and delicate skin. Every 2-3 years I get this eczema/allergic reaction all over my face, especially... READ MORE

What causes the burning sensation related to Poikilodermia of civatte. Is there any medication or treatments to stop this?

I have has Poikilodermia of Civatte for last 3 years. Will start IPL treatments again this October. I have burning sensation which comes and goes in... READ MORE

I have keratosis pilaris, it is mostly visible on my legs? (Photos)

I am African American so there are brown spots that make me self conscious about showing off my legs. Is there any type of surgery or treatment to get... READ MORE

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