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Best Way to Avoid Skin Sun Damage?

What are tips the doctors and skin experts offer to those of us trying like mad to keep sun damage from destroying our skin! READ MORE

Can Facial Sunscreen Be Put on over Makeup and Still Be Effective?

Can sunscreen be put on over makeup and still be effective? READ MORE

1% Retinol Has Caused More Age Spots to Appear?

I just started slowly using a 1% retinol from skinceuticals (twice a week), using sunscreen and it is winter with hardly any sunshine. I noticed today... READ MORE

Which Sunblock? Which Sunscreen?

Hey doc, i want to physically block all sunrays, my skin is sun sensitive (which means it tans very easily). so, in my case i want sunblocks which... READ MORE

Sun Protection for Asian Skin?

My daughter is Asian and has beautiful skin. I put Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby SPF 60 on her several times a day, but she is still getting quite a... READ MORE

What is the Best Sunscreen That Won't Make Me Break Out?

I am in my late 20's and still suffer from acne. I know I need to wear sunscreen but I'm afraid that it will make me break out. Can you... READ MORE

Getting a Safe Tan Using Sunblock?

I've heard various celebrities say that they obtain a safe tan by using sunblock regularly; it just takes them a longer time than someone who is using... READ MORE

Sunscreen Before Foundation? What SPF?

I keep reading that sunscreen is the most important antiageing product but, first of all, what SPF should I use? I am using a tinted moisturizer that... READ MORE

What is the best way for teens to prevent aging?

I'm 18 and it's my last year of teenage. I've been thinking of anti-aging, but I don want to use sunscreen because I live a country where air is hot... READ MORE

Is this a good skin care routine for a 21 year old woman? (Photo)

Overall, what is the best skin care line in your opinion? I am 21 and have been using different eye creams and serums to prevent signs of aging..and... READ MORE

Physical Sunblock Superior Than Chemical Sunscreen?

It is becoming more and more confusing and difficult to decide which sun protection is more preffered! Physical sunblock's such as Zinc Oxide and... READ MORE

Freckles getting darker despite wearing sunscreen?!

Lately the freckles on my face seem to be getting darker (ones that were barely noticeable are becoming more noticeable). I have not been going... READ MORE

What is this? Is it serious? (photos)

My friend has this issue on his shin. It is red and scabby it first appeared 6 months ago. It dissapeared after 7 weeks leaving a scar. It has now... READ MORE

Can I be given suggetions for an effective sunscreen which will not have white or matte appearence once applied? skin tone is normal.but only my face and neck is very dark in color and i know the reason is sun.i tried different sunscreens..but all of them... READ MORE

Can hydroquinone (Tri-luma) and sun screen chemically react and scar skin? (photos)

Whenever I would apply this on the area with tri-luma, it would burn really badly... but I didn't think anything of it. The active ingredients are... READ MORE

Optimum Frequency for Cream Application?

I met a 60year old woman that I took for an older sister of her daughter because of her lovely skin. She told me her secret was to apply inexpensive... READ MORE

I used too much 1% hydrocortisone to treat an allergic reaction to Retinol containing sunscreen and woke up with raw skin(Photo)

2 weeks ago I started using a sunscreen that contains Retinol. It worked for the first couple days but then I noticed that my skin started feeling... READ MORE

Please help me figure out my skin care routine? I want to optimize the use of my skin care products & use them correctly.

I use mild cleanser am & a glycolic one at night, I use my Clarisonic in the am, a clarifying toner, then Obagi clarifying vit c serum in the am & a... READ MORE

How do I up my skincare game at 29 and improve mild sun damage?

I am 29, never smoked. Since I was a teen I have had a basic skincare routine, cleanse, tone and moisturise with foundations with SPF. However, it was... READ MORE

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