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How Can I Get Rid of Age Spots?

I am guilty of not using proper skin protection from the sun..ok, i actually tanned every day of my 20s and 30s!!! So now I need to know what to do... READ MORE

Is what I'm doing making my sun spots worse?

I've Been using 10% glycolic acid every night for 3 weeks as well as %1 hyaluronic acid serm every day in the morning for the last month to get rid of... READ MORE

When I Should Start Thinking of Doing Skin Rejuvenation?

I'm a woman my age is 33 years. I have white skin and I have a little sun spots on my cheecks and pegmentation. and I have three three acnes around my... READ MORE

Is my skin damaged forever? (photos)

I did way too much indoor tanning in high school.. My skin was always perfect until all the tanning caught up with me about 2 years ago.. I have sun... READ MORE

After tanning for a couple of weeks, I've been left with these marks. Are they sunspots?(Photo)

Sunspots ?after tanning in a tanning bed for couple weeks for first time in awhile . Came a c ouple weeks after. Recently got off the depo birth control. READ MORE

Ways to remove sun spots from face and even skin tone?

I live in Florida and have quite a bit of sun spots and freckles to my face which make my skin tone uneven. It isn't a single concentrated spot, but... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm to remove sun spots - is this normal? (photo)

I'm week 5 into the Obagi Nu Derm system to remove sun spots on my cheeks. I think my skin seems resistant as it's become oilier since starting the... READ MORE

Can I use Tretinoin Gel 0.05% as a spot treatment for sunspots?

I am only 30, but I have a sunspot (liverspot?) just below my eye. It used to be barely noticeable, but has grown dark in the past few years. I would... READ MORE

I am trying to decide between the ZO skin care line and Obagi skin care line.

I am 42 years old, fair complexion. I have sun spots on my face and some fine lines. I want an overall line that can be corrective and used for... READ MORE

what's the best treatment for sun spots? (Photo)

Hey ! I am 18 years old and i have few small brown sun spots on my face and would like to remove them without surgery ! i heard that aloe vera can... READ MORE

What treatment would be best to treat my sunspots? (Photo)

Since I turned 30 my face has began to show signs of age & an increasing amount of sun spots. What would be the best treatment to get my skin clear,... READ MORE

Sun Spots?

I am very fair skinned and do not tan. I like to use self tanner but as I have gotten older I cannot use it on my legs because when I do there are so... READ MORE

Does hydroquione work permanently?

I have some hyper pigmentation from picking at pimples when I was younger on my arms. I also have sunspots on my face which I want to get rid of. My... READ MORE

I would like a list of treatments that improve each individual blemish on my skin? (Photos)

Please no new treatments that have not been out long enough to see all of the possible side effects.I believe a treatment should have little negative... READ MORE

Obagi HQ regimen - does it cause hypopigmentation? Ok to use HQ long-term?

I've been using Obagi hydroquinone regimem for 5-6 years. Lately I noticed that I'm getting 2-3 small hypopigmented/white spots (radius of 1-2 mm) on... READ MORE

I want to know what is wrong (if anything) with my daughter's facial skin.

My daughters skin is extremely clear on one side, no marks, freckles, sunspots or anything. On the r side it is very freckly, sun spots and normal... READ MORE

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