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Would Oracea Help with Aging and Sun Exposure?

Would oracea in theory have any effect on dermal aging from sun and normal aging process etc. by its effect on keeping healthier ratio on mmps, timps etc READ MORE

What Procedure will Help with Sun Damage?

I was a sun worshiper as a teenager. It's finally made an impression on my facial skin. I am hoping for just a bit of rejunivation. I do have a... READ MORE

Collagen Stimulating Treatment That Allows for Sun Exposure?

I would like a treatment that stimulates collagen but allows me to go under the sun, so Fraxel and Retin-A is not an option. What do you recommend? READ MORE

How to fade lip discoloration? (Photo)

How do you get rid of lip discoloration? I started noticing a change in color on my bottom lip shortly after I started wearing lipstick that I have... READ MORE

Bumps on Forehead After Sun Exposure? (photo)

I get bumps on my forehead after I am in the sun or go to a tanning bed? What can this be from? READ MORE

I use medisalic cream which contains salicylic acid and clobetasol propionate. Does it cause red patches on my cheeks? (Photo)

Doctor i have used medisalic cream for almost a year and now i have red patches on my chicks and nose my face burns all the time if i walk out in... READ MORE

How Long Does my Skin Need to Get Its Natural Color Back After Getting Dark from Summer?

How long does my skin need to get its natural color back after getting dark from summer? READ MORE

Does a 2% salicylic acid face wash make you more sun sensitve?

I use a 2% sal. acid face wash at night only. Would this make me more sun sensitive? I was told it doesn't make that much of a difference. Thanks for... READ MORE

Is there anyway to repair my face from this damage caused by Inflammation/Stress/Retin-A reaction? (photos)

This is after a year's worth of inflammation and skin damage where I feel like I went through lipoatrophy after sun exposure from retin-a brekaing... READ MORE

Retinol and glycolic acid products and the sun.

Hi, I use a Retinol/Vitamin C (Neutrogena) product twice a week and Skin Medica's GlyPro sytem once a week. From my understanding the sun should be... READ MORE

I'm pregnant and have super discolored skin, even prior to pregnancy. What are my options? (Photo)

It makes my face look make up covers it ..I'm sure it has to do with sun and hormones ...but I want it gone please! READ MORE

My skin is getting darker as it is peeling. What am I supposed to do?

I had this ointment from my doctor for peeling of my skin as it was very tanned due to very much sun exposure last summers but now while my skin is... READ MORE

I have an unknown skin condition with redness and scaly skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

Good morning, i would like to ask your opinion about my skin condition. I have it since I was 13 now I'm 25. It has patches of red dry skin in... READ MORE

Golden Rose problem (Photo)

I used Golden Rose for my face as cosmatic and go out, 2 hours sun exposed me , after that black point appear on my face , Please answer me, how can i... READ MORE

How to reverse the painful feeling of face when exposed to the sun?

Everytime I go outside my face feel burning and pain when exposed to the sun. I know that the benefit of applying sunscreen but I kind of wanted to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for uneven skin tone?

My wife has uneven skin tone ,darkness on forehead (little) and more on Chin. Consultd dermatologist.she said its due to sun exposure (tan). And also... READ MORE

How can I make my skin tone even?

I have fair skin on the parts of my body that are not expose to heat. the rest of my body and especially my face are growing darker day by day. also... READ MORE

I have a spot on my face which I am concerned about? I enjoy the sun and am worried it is something serious (Photo)

I suffer from spots quite often and I have one on the left side of my face on my cheek. This is a frequent place that I would get spots but I just... READ MORE

What can be done other than avoiding sun to remove tan really fast ? (photos)

I'm 17 years old . Due to long sun exposure my skin color is changed .It really doesn't suits my rest of the body color . Quick remedy ,please .... READ MORE

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