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Treatments for Poikiloderma of Civatte

I was recently diagnosed with poikiloderma of civatte. Unfortunately, I suffer from this condition due to short-term, aggressive tanning when I was in... READ MORE

Possible to Repair Sun Damaged Facial Skin?

Is it possible to reverse sun damaged skin?? Get skin back to the way it was prior to all the sun damage, nice and healthy? READ MORE

Best Way to Avoid Skin Sun Damage?

What are tips the doctors and skin experts offer to those of us trying like mad to keep sun damage from destroying our skin! READ MORE

Best for Skin Rejuvenation and Hollow Cheeks? Fraxel Repair vs Restylane

I am 42 years old with sun-damaged skin, and have gone through eczema treatments and steroid creams. I have jowls, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores,... READ MORE

Does NIA24 Really Work on Sun Damaged Skin?

On the Today show they said the most exciting skin care product is NIA 24.  I have bad sun damage.  Will Nia work to repair it? READ MORE

Skin Looks 35 but I'm in my 20s, Age Spots, Sun Damage in 20's? (photo)

Orange peel skin on my forehead and sides of my nose where I had a bad sunburn when I was 14. I have avoided sun since 18. Looks similar to the photos... READ MORE

I am 43 years old women. I have sun damaged hands and face. What treatment would you recommend?

I am 43 years old women. I have sun damaged hands and face. Disclarisation and black and white spots. I am a black falw. What ca I do to treat my... READ MORE

What Procedure will Help with Sun Damage?

I was a sun worshiper as a teenager. It's finally made an impression on my facial skin. I am hoping for just a bit of rejunivation. I do have a... READ MORE

When I Should Start Thinking of Doing Skin Rejuvenation?

I'm a woman my age is 33 years. I have white skin and I have a little sun spots on my cheecks and pegmentation. and I have three three acnes around my... READ MORE

For medium sun damage and acne dark spots, what's the best way to get even skin tone? (photos)

I hear a lot of horror stories just from this Website regarding ipl or co2, how they lost collagen and scarring occurs etc. Any advise regarding this... READ MORE

I'm 55 and my face needs help. I need advice cleansing, moisturizing and makeup products. What are my options?

I have sun damage, puffy under eyes, large pores, white heads in my T area, wrinkles and sagging skin. Recently I gained weight due to menopause. I've... READ MORE

Is this sun damage, melasma or vitiligo? What will treat it? (photos)

I am F, 30yrs old, hairstylist. I take low dose B/c for acne & never been pregnant. I used to tan, but the last 5 yrs Ive totally stayed out of the... READ MORE

Can I get my perfect complexion back? (photos)

About 3-4 years ago I had perfect skin.. No acne. No uneven skin or anything.. I began tanning 3 years ago, and have lots of sun damage and acne now..... READ MORE

38 yo cauc fem w/ sun damage, acne & dryness? Moisturizer I can use that won't clog pores? I have odd combination skin.

I'm a veteran & the VA gave me an Rx for Retin A for acne. My face is very dry, when I smile I see tons of fine lines & it feels drawn. I've avoided... READ MORE

Is it okay for me to use tanning beds to treat my depression?

I am very depressed living in a cold environment. I am depressed BECAUSE I am pale, so when I tan, my depression seems to just melt away, I swear!... READ MORE

Imiquimod Cream 5% for Actinic Keratosis vs. a More Natural Face Peel

I have been prescribed Imiquimod cream for sun damage on my face AK. Dr wants me to apply this because their is a CHANCE this could someday be skin... READ MORE

How do I get rid of dead skin on my body? (photos)

I have dead skin all over my legs, and buttocks due to sun dumage. I've tried Neostrata glycolic lotion, I've tried light chemical peels, and I've... READ MORE

Can my skin color be restored? I look dull and sallow, but don't know why. Liver and bloods are fine & very healthy lifestyle.

I'm white caucasian, 30YO, type III. I began a modelling career a number of years ago when my skin was translucent, bright, luminescent. Now my skin... READ MORE

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