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Remedy for Damaged Skin Caused by Steroid Cream?

About 7 years ago, I was told by a dermatologist to use a steroid cream to help with uneven skin tone on my cheeks. I applied it all over my face and... READ MORE

Can I use Cerave moisturizing cream on the area of skin folds of my penis? (photo)

Hi, Can i use Cerave moisturizing cream on the area of skin folds of my penis? On a thin skin under penis head after a steroid's creams therapy for... READ MORE

How can I improve skin damaged by steroids? (photos)

I had de quervains tenosynovitis and one off steroid injections in both wrists over a year ago. It cured the problem but I now have very thin skin... READ MORE

Safe Ways to Stop Face Creams That Contains Steroid?

How to safely stop using face creams that contains steroid? Been using this cream for 2 months without knowing its content, recently i found out that... READ MORE

Using momate for 1year damaged my skin?

I started to use momate cream before 1year and now i came to know it is steroid cream.. And it cases alot of damage to skin.. After stopping it my... READ MORE

Do steroid creams permanently thin skin?

I used a steroid cream extensively for six weeks. If I stop using the cream, will my skin regain it's original thickness or is the collagen... READ MORE

Using momate cream for 2 years & now feeling itchy if I stop using it. Is there any way to get back normal healthy skin? (Photo)

I have been using momate (momatesone Furoate) cream for my face from 2 years, I was suggested for pigmentation and pimple marks by one of the doctor.I... READ MORE

Dark Spots After Steroid Injection for Alopecia Areata, Will it Go Away? (photo)

I have dark spots on the treated areas for alopecia areata several hours after injection. Is this normal? Will it go away? READ MORE

Are All Moisturizers Steroids? What Are Steroids?

I am using cetaphil restoraderm. Is this a steroid? I was told steroids over the eyes can cause complications in the future/now. I also read it can... READ MORE

Has topical steroid cream damaged my skin?

I have suffered from eczema my entire life. I have been using hydrocortizone 1% on my face and the rest of my body almost continuously for years... I... READ MORE

Facial Skin thinning due to topical steroid use for 2 days?

Hi, I had a bad rash all over my face a couple of months back, and I put clobetasol propionate ALL over my face for 2 days. Is there any way this has... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse skin thinning from steroid cream use?

Was wondering if it was possible to reverse/treat skin thinning - More specifically on the lips/face and inner thigh. READ MORE

Did steroid cream cause my serious breakout? (Photo)

I recently came back from a trip from Asia (hot weather) and my skin got worst. Prior to flying to Asia, my face was flare up and break out like never... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old using methyprednisolone aceponate(advantan milk) on my face for one week. Any suggestions? (photo)

My face after the use of this specific topical steroid became very thin and sensitive.Also my skin color now is more white than the other sites of my... READ MORE

Can long term steroid use heal over time? I'm so worried (Photo)

Hi I'm a 18 year old brown male and since age 5 I've had eczema at age 10 I was prescribed the drug that ruined my life I think yes you guessed right... READ MORE

I fear I may have topical steroid atrophy on my nose. Is there treatment that could help? (photos)

I have been using Daktacort cream for 3 years to manage seborrheic dermatitis. Recently a deep vertical line has appeared on the right hand side of my... READ MORE

Burning sensation on my face mainly under eye and cheeks, redness and swelling under eyes and gets sore?

I get redness in face when wake up in morning, and swelling under eye and brusing!! Normally steriod cream clears it after 3 to 4 applications, but... READ MORE

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