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Collagen Renewal After Smoking?

Can collagen be renewed after 5 years of smoking cigarettes? READ MORE

Yellowish Discoloration Around Lips: Are There Any Treatments for This?

Hello, I have a slight yellowish discoloration around my lips for years. It's <1 inch in every direction around the lips (slightly worse above)... READ MORE

Treatments to Help Restore Skin Elasticity After Smoking for 15 Years?

I'm a 30yr old woman and have just quit smoking after being a heavy smoker for 15yrs. In the last couple of years i've noticed a rapid deterioration... READ MORE

Does Nicotrol Damage the Skin?

I recently quit smoking, but I'm using Nicotrol.  Is this still damaging to my skin? READ MORE

Does Using Anti-aging Skin Products and Smoking Have Health Risks?

Recently I have read some articles regarding smoking and using Retin-A which could lead to increase deaths. Is there any concern with using glycolic... READ MORE

Can thin skin caused by smoking be thickened?

Hello I'm 34 years old and I've been smoking for the last 7 years(quit 4 months ago) I noticed now that my skin tears a lot easier . When I scratch an... READ MORE

Is it okay to smoke with a mucous cyst?

I have a mucous cyst on my lower inner lip from the past 3 weeks now and I smoke only at parties... So I was wondering if it's okay to smoke and drink... READ MORE

Is there a way to regain skin thickness in the body?

I'm an ex smoker but i'm only 34 all of a sudden I look older and the worst thing is my skin tears and marks easily and when I pinch kin on my arm it... READ MORE

How do I repair the effects of alcoholism and smoking on the skin? (Photo)

I practice good and healthy eating habits, however in the last 7 years (I'm 27), I have spiraled into binge drinking and smoking. I have noticed the... READ MORE

I have someone smokes cigarettes next to me for the next 16 days. What damage could that have on my skin & collagen production?

For the next 16 days, I'm forced to be with someone who smokes (about 2 cigarettes during the time we stay together)... What damage could that have on... READ MORE

Can smoking medical marijuana alone be the cause of my depleting complexion at 20?

I've noticed a rapid decline in my complexion both elasticity wise and texture wise. The rest of my skin also seems worse and looser than before. I've... READ MORE

Smoking Cigars for a year? Affects on my skin?

So I'd say this past year i had about a pack of colts each month every month maybe a few extra cigars here and there. I stopped smoking but im... READ MORE

How much skin thickening can be achieved with retinoids over long time usage?

For a young person( 30's) with thinning skin caused by past hectic lifestyle (smoking and such) is there a chance to thicken fragile skin enough to... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old, recommendations for night cream?

I m 27 years old, smoker (2-3 ciggarettes daily) and working as a nurse, thhat means many night shifts. Which night cream would be more suitable for me? READ MORE

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