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Tretinoin for Shrinking Facial Pores?

Does Tretinoin skincare products like Renova and Retin-A help shrink facial pores? READ MORE

Deep enlarged damaged pore from picking zits. Is there a way to close them or shrink in size? (Photo)

I have about 4 deep enlarged and damaged pores on my nose from picking the zits that were there and they're ugly and bothers me. Is there a way to get... READ MORE

I have a single enlarged pore on my forehead that has been there for years. What can I do to shrink it or get rid of it? (Photo)

It fills with crud all the time, even tho I wash my face everyday, and it looks like a giant black head. It's not very deep it's just a stretched hole... READ MORE

Pores are hereditary but can "enlarged" pores due to blackheads and poor hygiene be shrunk back to normal?

I know pores are hereditary but due to blackheads and sleeping with makeup on my pores on my cheeks and nose got way larger than before im only 20 and... READ MORE

Is it possible to shrink enlarged pores ?

Every dermatologist i've consulted...everyone keeps telling me its impossible I mean its 2016 right ? Can anyone help me ? Im so helpless i cant even... READ MORE

I want to shrink my large pores? (Photo)

I have very visible opened pores on my cheeks. It started on my right cheek and now i can see it on my left cheek too. I don't know what to do to... READ MORE

Dermarolling for large pores? If yes, then what needle size should be used in my case? (photo)

I'm a 27 years old female and I have huge pores on my cheek apples and nose. Few dermatologists have suggested dermarolling to improve the size of the... READ MORE

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