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How to Get Rid of Bad Discoloration, Dark Brown Dots and Scarring From Shaving Legs?

Ever since I started shaving, my pores would become inflamed and i would have extreme itchiness. But now it's stopped and I have no after effects... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope Left for Me? Dark/Red Spots All Over My Legs.

I have severe discoloration and dark/redish spots all over my legs. I have tried so many things but nothing has help. I am so embarrassed to show it... READ MORE

I Have Brownish, Gashes on my Legs from Shaving. How Do I Get Rid of Them? (photo)

I have been using Bio-Oil. I need a more efficient way of removing them. I'm open to any suggestion. Thank you. READ MORE

Electrocautery Caused Ugly Scars.

I developed some Pseudofolliculitis lesions on my neck while i was using "Isotretinoin" for 4 months. Dermatologist performed... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of These Small Dots off my Legs?

I used to shave most of the times and i think thats how i got these dark follicles/dots all over my legs. I just hate the look of them and im getting... READ MORE

Does This Look Sexualy Transmited Or Just a Rash? (photo)

I had shaved about to 2 weeks in the genital area occasional razor burn occurs But this time i got these circles I have had sex in a while but am very... READ MORE

Can women shave their face?

There is a new trend going on right now about women shaving their faces as a beauty treatment to remove facial hair and exfoliate their skin at the... READ MORE

What kind of aftershave products should a male with sensitive skin been using on his face?

I use a cleanser, vitamin c serum and sunscreen in the morning, but in the evening I use cleanser and retinol cream. My skin feels kind of tight after... READ MORE

What is this skin condition in the bikini area(down there)? (photos)

I shaved my skin and after around a month or so I myself waxed the bikini area at home. took these pictures after around 5 hrs of waxing. Please help... READ MORE

How soon can I start treatment for redness and lumpiness from shave biopsy on face?

I had 2 shave biopsies on face. One on nostril and one in corner of nose. It has been 4 weeks, both are EXTREMELY red still. Also the one in corner of... READ MORE

does waxing or sugar waxing the bikini area reduce sensation there?

I have been told that waxing the bikini area would in the long term reduce sensation and affect sexual activity, is that true? and is shaving better?... READ MORE

Small, red, itchy patch on left armpit? (photos)

I was shaving my armpits the other day and I think I nicked a bit of skin (on the left one) and it looked a tiny bit red but just like a small cut.... READ MORE

What's the best thing for me to do about this? (photo)

I had shaving rash and Google said to put vinegar on so I did and I didn't dilute it so it burnt me and now it's starting to heal but it's so tight... READ MORE

How can i shave without getting these red marks or rashes. (photo)

I have sensitive skin. Ive swiched up shaving creams. Tried not shaving for awhile. But everytime i shave again i break out READ MORE

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