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How can I get rid of the small, flesh-colored bumps under my eyes? (photos)

I assume it's milia, syringoma or sebaceous glands that are causing the bumps. I'm 36 and have VERY THIN, SENSITIVE skin. Are there non-surgical... READ MORE

Does Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Cause Skin Allergic Reactions?

I have super sensitive skin that breaks out and gets flaky from lots of skin cleansers, even expensive anti-wrinkle creams. Is the cause likely sodium... READ MORE

Skin Care for Flaky, Dry and Irritated Skin?

I'm 25 and I've always had really sensitive skin and at times very very dry especially in the winter. In the summer I'm in the sun and have no zits,... READ MORE

The Best Treatment for New Transverse Forehead Wrinkles?

I am 32, half-Asian, half-Caucasian, with rather dry, very sensitive, eczema-prone olive-toned skin. I have just recently "discovered" fine transverse... READ MORE

Will the Clarisonic Brush or Differin Gel Cause Broken Capillaries?

I am 21, very fare, sensitive skin, and female. Will the Clarisonic brush or Differin gel (3%) cause increased broken facial capillaries? I've... READ MORE

What is the Best Affordable Anti-aging Skin Care Line?

With the economy as it is, I'm on a budget. I'm 54 and need something to help my skin from getting more wrinkled and saggy and I have brown spots,... READ MORE

Melasma treatment: Can I substitute Tretinoin gel 0.25 for Retinol 1.0 Skincenutical?

Hi I have melasma and unfortunately I can not buy the tretinoin gel 0.25, so I wonder if is possible to substitute to retinol 1.0 or Retinol 0.5... READ MORE

Which Sunblock? Which Sunscreen?

Hey doc, i want to physically block all sunrays, my skin is sun sensitive (which means it tans very easily). so, in my case i want sunblocks which... READ MORE

Ointment for Sensitive Skin Other Than Aquaphor?

Is there another ointment other than Aquaphor that can be used. I have very sensitive skin and am concerned that I will get a severe case of acne from... READ MORE

Cetaphil, good or bad in the long run?

Good day, I have recently heard that parabens and SLS are not good for you as they cause cancer. I have sensitive acne prone skin so I use cetaphil. I... READ MORE

I'm male 22 years old. I'm suffering from thin and sensitive skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used to wash my skin very much with cosmetics as a result of which my skin peeled off and new skin has is very sensitive,reddish and READ MORE

Remedy For Milia?

Dear sir, I am 22 years girl. i have a large number of white and small bumps around my eyes since 5-6 years ago. My skin is very sensitive and oily.... READ MORE

Can I get rid of this? (photo)

Hi. So my skin is really sensitive, when I was little I would wear really tight underwear and that's why I got the first line (up). And when I got... READ MORE

I Have Small Bumps on the Top of my Lip That Do Not Itch or Have Any Unusual Color, What Could Be the Cause?

The bumps on the lips don't stand out too much but they make me self conscience I do not have any food allergies that I am aware of but have... READ MORE

My Face is Not Clear at All? Oily Skin, Pimples, Sensitive Skin?

My face is very oily, I dont have severe acne, but my face is not clear. It looks like my acne is under the skin, I also do have a lot of pimples, my... READ MORE

Will Nuderm Creams Work Without the Peel?

I have just bought the Nuderm creams from skin doctor but because of my age (70) and 'downtime' of a peel. I have decided now not to have the... READ MORE

How can I improve my skin color and glow?

Hello, So many pimples comes out on my face. Which cream I use? my skin is so sweaty and sensitive.Using sun screen Lotion,my face became dark.which... READ MORE

Which Topical Facial Products For Redness and Sensitive Skin? (photo)

I have sensitive, red facial skin which is often dry. I am out in the weather a lot. I try to use sunscreen, and I'm doing it more now, but I... READ MORE

After I wash my face with dove sensitive skin soap, it drys my face out so bad, as well as when cream applied burns my face bad.

I have been using this product for two weeks at the most and after i wash my face with dove sensitive skin soap it drys my face out so bad, looks like... READ MORE

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