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I have flaky, sticky layer on my face due to moisturizing creams and its been there 5 months. How to get rid of it? (photo

I have a sticky and flaky layer on my face that didint go away for 6 moths i exfoliate with syslic acid- soap because i thought its from using too... READ MORE

Shingles or Something Similar?

My skin erupts into small blisters, usually before my period or whenever I feel weak. It starts as a red, itchy, small round patch and it develops... READ MORE

Doctor recommendation that specializes in darker skinned women, hyper pigmentation, skin tightening and facial fillers? (photo)

I seen many darker skin women attempt to get peels only to come out worse from when they started. I've seen burns as well. I would like to get a good... READ MORE

Scars from Waxing? (photo)

In December 2012 I went for a complete body wax. Since then I've had these reddish spots all over. I tried Bactroban daily, cortisone creams, ingrown... READ MORE

I damaged my skin while trying to remove blackheads by scrubbing & now I'm scarred. Any home remedies? Exfoliation? (Photo)

I followed a method that I found on the internet to remove blackheads on my nose which was to gently scrub the spot with some toothpaste using an old,... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant - should it have caused uneven skin texture and pits? (Photo)

I have never had this before. My skin has always been smooth. It's been over a month and the same office just did a light peel w dermaplaning. I've... READ MORE

I'm 29 yrs old. What can I do about my bad skin especially around eyes? (photos)

All my life I've looked very young for my age. Up until 2 or 3 years ago I would say, but my skin is terrible and I won't go anywhere without makeup,... READ MORE

My Skin is Burned After Waxing My Face, What Can I Do To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

Hi, yesterday I waxed my face and added vaseline and panoxyl so it doesnt break out when I woke up I have this huge burned patch thats dark brown and... READ MORE

AMVC? Random indented scars are showing up on my left cheek even though there were no zits or known trauma previously? (photo)

I started getting random indented scars on my cheek two weeks ago. They started as very thin brownish lines that were barely visible in the beginning.... READ MORE

Does lamprobe cause scarring?

I got the lamprobe because of broken capillaries on my face. I now have scabs falling off on their own, there's a light pink color under the scab; how... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve the appearance of pilonidal scarring from more than 15 years ago? (photos)

Is it still possible to have a normal natal crease? It is possible to reconstruct the inter-gluteal cleft/natal cleft for cosmetic reasons after... READ MORE

What is the best way to fade shingles scars and dark spots? (photos)

I was diagnosed with Shingles (Herpes Zoster) 3 months ago. The painful blisters on my face initially lasted about 2 weeks until they started to scab... READ MORE

I'm over exfoliating my skin, what should I do?

I have oily & sensitive skin. For daily I usually wash my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser & Sebamed soap for sensitive skin to clean my after... READ MORE

Looking to improve my skin. What are my best options? (Photo)

Just not sure what treatments would benefit me the most. My skin has enlarged pores, hypopigmented scarring and sun damage maybe some melasma too. I... READ MORE

What could my facial redness be caused by? Nothing really helps it, looks like this 24/7 (Photos)

It started a few years ago when I noticed I had scars. No matter what I did, this never away. Taking cool showers helped. It always looked it's best... READ MORE

Skin care advice, please, too many Active ingredients? What active ingredients for skin repair, scarring, anti-aging, etc.

Please give some advice to my skin care regime..can too many Active ingredients harm my skin I use a mild cleanser soap free from dermatological, I... READ MORE

My face is full of pore scars & pimples; I feel bad to go anywhere. Solution?

Doctor, i really feel bad bcoz of my face prblmz,i feel shame to seen my face ,everyone says u have beautiful face but it is collapse by pimple, scar... READ MORE

Vitamin A cream that peeled skin, is this going to scar? (photo)

I used a age repair serum from cosmetic provider in the UK On Saturday night and I didn't know it has high concentrations vit A. I started burning on... READ MORE

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