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Can I Have Dematofibromas and Scar Removal Advice?

I have two dermatofibromas on my lower leg. My dermatologist said just leave them alone. They are each a little smaller than a dime, brownish red,... READ MORE

Removal of a Dermatofibroma Behind Knee (Insect Bite)

I've dermatofibroma behind my knee, got it from insect bite,doesn't hurt, but itches alot. My dermatologist said I can have it removed, but itll leave... READ MORE

How to Correct Small but Persistent Dog Ears on Forehead?

I had a dermatofibroma removed from my forehead, and it left small but visible dog-ears. I have read that small dog ears can go away with time, but... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Smooth out my Skin Above Eyes?

I had electrolysis 1 year ago and I was overtreated. Some atrophic scars appeared after 2-3 weeks ,but some new are still appearing Wrinkles appear... READ MORE

What are the post-op care instructions for dermatofibroma removal?

I had a dermatofibroma removed. I was told to come in two weeks after to get the stiches removed. At the time of the suture removal the PA told me to... READ MORE

What are these holes? (Photo)

What are these holes..are they pores or they are treatment for it . Thankz READ MORE

What is this? Is it serious? (photos)

My friend has this issue on his shin. It is red and scabby it first appeared 6 months ago. It dissapeared after 7 weeks leaving a scar. It has now... READ MORE

Dermatologist says Minocycline caused my pigment to darken, can it? (photos)

Doctor says Minocycline caused my skin to darken. I'm the chick that asked about the hydroquinine and creams. Keep my regimen but dropped the... READ MORE

How to remove an ingrown hair from under a scab?

I've had an ingrown hair for months and I stupidly tried to pick it out with a needle and normaly when i do this when the scab sheds the hair is... READ MORE

Esthetician Performed Extraction of Blackheads Before Chemical Peel Leaving Me With Scars That Burn?

I went to a Esthetician yesterday to treat my blackheads/whiteheads and some mild acne..i also told her that I would like to treat my mild acne... READ MORE

Getting small holes or pores on face after initial breakout from tretinoin. Is this normal?

I had a normal face, no real acne. I started using tretinoin 0.05 for two weeks everyday, i stopped because my face erupted in whiteheads.after a... READ MORE

Can Retinol Cause Scarring?

Why would a strong OTC retinol (Green Cream 9) cause my skin to develop shallowly indented patches that look like very shallow scars? Thanks for your... READ MORE

After a bad reaction to DIFFERIN and "withdrawal"(?) from PROTOPIC: Scars, redness, irritation... Rosacea? Please help! (photo)

32yo male. ZERO history of acne or redness, just oily skin Used DIFFERIN, but after 3 weeks it left an irritation that never went out. 15 days... READ MORE

Cellular Damage to Face?

I recently used a toner on my face containing glycolic 10% and salycilic acid 2%, combined with some vitamin c powder that i added. I used this twice... READ MORE

Can hydroquinone (Tri-luma) and sun screen chemically react and scar skin? (photos)

Whenever I would apply this on the area with tri-luma, it would burn really badly... but I didn't think anything of it. The active ingredients are... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Old Chickenpox Scars?

I have had chickpox scars for about 15 years on my stomach. Is there anyway I can get rid of these scars using home remedies? READ MORE

I am a house wife. I was using no scar cream (company-torque) on face. Day to day my skin became fair and smooth also.

After using 6 months( no scar cream) my skin became reddish. So I leave the use of that cream.Then my face skin became black sports. Please suggest me... READ MORE

How can I treat the facial scars left by chicken pox? (photos)

I had chicken pox before two month( 20th Oct. 2013) after 26 days BAMS removed all scabs from my face with a cotton swab and it left lots of scars and... READ MORE

I am a 32 years old female and suffering from pimples and scars. What's the best treatment for me?

Having uneven skin tone and dull complexion.. Tired many products including Olay, Murad, kheil's, Clinique but no help so far please help. Also seeing... READ MORE

I got an upper lip wax which left me with a really bad burn. What can I do to speed the healing process? (Photo)

I got an upper lip wax yesterday which left me with a really bad burn. It was red all day, today after applying aloe gel from an actual plant it... READ MORE

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