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Is It Bad to Use Aquaphor on the Face?

I cannot use any lotion. It burns, and it's too thin. My skin is always, especially when it's close to my period. I always use Aquaphor before... READ MORE

What Skin Care Products Are Safe During Pregnancy?

I have some concerns about skin care during pregnancy: WHY exactly are skin tightening procedures and/or dermal fillers NOT done to the face and neck... READ MORE

Efudex or Aldara on Skin Cysts - Would It Be Safe and Would It Work?

I have a dermatofibroma on my arm that I would like to get rid of and wondered whether this treatment would work (without the scarring). I know my... READ MORE

Getting a Safe Tan Using Sunblock?

I've heard various celebrities say that they obtain a safe tan by using sunblock regularly; it just takes them a longer time than someone who is using... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to take equal amounts of each ingredient and mix them to create tri-luma?

I have all 3 ingredients to make tri-luma because my insurance won't cover tri-luma. Is it safe for me to take equal amounts of each and mix them to... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove skin tags without going to have a procedure done? What is the best way?

Can you safely and permanently remove skintags at home? If not, what type of doctor or professional can remove them most cost efficiently? READ MORE

Is triluma cream safe ?

I have used triluma cream on my face for 1 month to tx dark works very good.can i continue and for how long?.is it safe.? READ MORE

Is Meladerm Really Effective and Safe?

I have dark skin around my lips. I have tried many skin lightener but isnt helping much. Will the results from Meladerm be permanent with usage of... READ MORE

Is the Skin Deep Rating System Accurate?

I was told that the EWG -- the environmental working group-- has the best skin care and ingredients information for products. Do the doctors think... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Scrub Towel on Your Face?

I lather my face in the shower with facial cleanser and then wet a scrub towel and apply a bit of cleanser on the towel as well. I then apply the... READ MORE

Are Anais Skincare Peels Reliable for an Home Peel ?

Dear medical experts,I'am on a way to order an home peel from Anais corporation before doing in a couple of month a TCA peel by a medical... READ MORE

What the (maximum) amount of Tretinoin that can safely be applied to a 174 cm / 70 kg female? What are side effects?

Hi there, I've started using tretinoin cream ( retin a ) on my strechmarks that I got during pregnancy. I use a 20 mg tube in about 5-6 days, aplying... READ MORE

Waxing Okay for Heavily Pigmented Skin?

Considering Brazilian Bikini.Thick black coarse hair but skin is heavily pigmented, almost the hair color. Is it safe and results? READ MORE

Can the Alcohol in Lotion and Face Creams Enter Your Bloodstream and Cause Harm?

If not what are the properties of the alcohol in lotion, and how are they different from the alcohol in beer? I've searched around and i can't find... READ MORE

Benzoyl Peroxide and Renova 0.02%: Can They be Used Together?

Can you wash with a benzoyl peroxide soap and 20 minutes later apply Renova? I know you are not supposed to use topical Benzoyl Peroxide at the same... READ MORE

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