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Pulsed Dye Laser vs IPL for Rosacea

Recently, I went to the doctor because I suspected I had Rosacea. He said it looks like I have a mild version (face is pink and break out frequently).... READ MORE

Why Do my Cheeks Randomly Flush and Get Blotchy?

I occasionally get random red blotches on the apples of my cheeks, they appear for about 15 minutes and then go away- what is this? READ MORE

Any Hope for Getting Rid of Rosacea?

My husband has been taking Oracea to combat the redness of his rosacea. He doesn't think it helps very much; he still has the redness on his nose and... READ MORE

How to Laser treat Rosacea?

Will laser(s) work for treating rosacea on cheeks and nose? READ MORE

I have pityriasis rosea on my face. Can I cover it with makeup? (Photo)

I am a freshman in high school, and I developed facial pityriasis rosea over winter break. I don't want to go back to school and be teased. Is it safe... READ MORE

Rosacea could be the culprit of worsening facial flushing. Is 100mg per day of doxycycline a good remedy?

I have been having facial flushing for about a year and it has continued to get worse. My eyes have also been very irritated. Just went to the... READ MORE

Oracea and Dermis?

I know oracea is sub antibiotic dose to treat rosacea and acne.. i was wondering with its effects on mmp's and timps in dermis. could it also help... READ MORE

Is this rosacea on my black skin and how can I treat it? I am an AfroCaribbean woman living in a humid climate. (photo)

I have always had problems with acne. Now in my late thirties I have a hormonal imbalance. My acne usually flares just before and during menstruation.... READ MORE

Houston Doctor Who Can Help with Severe Rosacea?

I have the worst case of rosacea and no one has been able to help me. I need to find a doctor who really knows a lot about rosacea and all the... READ MORE

After a bad reaction to DIFFERIN and "withdrawal"(?) from PROTOPIC: Scars, redness, irritation... Rosacea? Please help! (photo)

32yo male. ZERO history of acne or redness, just oily skin Used DIFFERIN, but after 3 weeks it left an irritation that never went out. 15 days... READ MORE

Redness from Obagi NuDerm Clear (hydroquinone 4%)? Did I break capillaries?

I use .05% Retin-A regularly, glycolic peels once/month, and Vitamin C/E serum daily. This week I stopped everything except moisturizer & sunscreen,... READ MORE

I have granulomatous rosacea and will like to know what is best treatment to get a fast recovery?

I am 21 years old and I have had rosacea for over two years. I have been covering my rosacea with makeup for over a year and its beginning to get... READ MORE

Did steroid cream cause my serious breakout? (Photo)

I recently came back from a trip from Asia (hot weather) and my skin got worst. Prior to flying to Asia, my face was flare up and break out like never... READ MORE

Suspected skin atrophy from hydrocortisone cream (Photo)

I have been using a hydrocortisone cream on and off for 3 years to control my Seborrheic dermatitis. However in recent weeks I have noticed what looks... READ MORE

Is this Rosacea, lupus, or rash? (photos)

What kinda of rash is this? Ana test neg. READ MORE

I have destroyed my face. My face is red and sore from wearing a sunscreen with alcohol denat even though I have rosacea.(photo)

History: - 4 X antibiotics - 2 X accutane. 2nd was a mistake, as I had rosacea and sun damage. - 6 X IPL. No effect. Now diagnosed w. rosacea + seb... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for bumps/inflammation under skin of my nose due to skin color rosacea/sebaceous oils?(photo)

I met w/a laser specialist who recommended that I try erbium laser instead of a CO2 laser because my skin color is darker (Indian descent) & he didn't... READ MORE

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