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Is It Helpful to Use Daily Grapeseed Oil on my Face?

I am currently using grapeseed oil as a mosturaizer at nights. and for mornings i use sunsblock with spf 7. Is this helping my skin at all? READ MORE

30 Year Old Male and Skincare. How To Slow Aging Process?

I'm a 30 year old caucasian male and I feel like my skin is aging faster than it should. I have oily skin sometimes and then dry/combination other... READ MORE

What is the Optimal Skin Care Regimen MDs Recommend for Young Women?

Hello, I'm wondering what's the optimal skin care routine for light/medium skin tone women in late 20s both to address the minor imperfections... READ MORE

Basic Daily Skin Care Recommendation

I'm 25, and I've never used any skin care products in my life -- never really needed to, but mostly never cared to. However, I am getting... READ MORE

What is your skincare regimen?

I learned that many famous dermatologists have ties to companies, so I no longer trust their recommendations in the popular press. I trust advice from... READ MORE

What's a good skin care regimen for an 18 year old?

I know that I need to stay away from the sun, try not to smoke,drink lots of water/eat healthy, and cleanse my skin., but what skin products are good... READ MORE

Dermatologist says Minocycline caused my pigment to darken, can it? (photos)

Doctor says Minocycline caused my skin to darken. I'm the chick that asked about the hydroquinine and creams. Keep my regimen but dropped the... READ MORE

What OTC Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen Do You Recommend?

Hi. i just wanted to ask help..i was first considering retinol to add to my sunscreen/moisturizer regimen (face) but i discovered that these retinol... READ MORE

Rodan and Fields reverse regimen? (Photo)

Hello, I am currently breastfeeding but want to help improve my skin. Is the rodan and fields reverse regimen safe and will it help my skin or should... READ MORE

Which Skin Care Regimen Would You Recommend For an African American Woman With Mild Acne and Wrinkles?

I am a 44yo Med-brown skin African American woman with mild acne on the chin area who would like to know which OTC product out of Olay, Neutrogena,... READ MORE

Would the "caveman regimen" be beneficial for me? (Photo)

In the morning I wash with Murad, then use a murad step 2, finacea, and moisturizer. At night I use all the same but instead of moisturizer I use... READ MORE

Can my skin color be restored? I look dull and sallow, but don't know why. Liver and bloods are fine & very healthy lifestyle.

I'm white caucasian, 30YO, type III. I began a modelling career a number of years ago when my skin was translucent, bright, luminescent. Now my skin... READ MORE

I have horrible skin. Which skin treatments/surgical procedures would help improve my skin texture and appearance? (Photo)

Hx: 27 yo f, no current meds, teenage acne, 4 rounds of accutane, current combination (oily/dry) skin, current skin care regimen includes x2 per day... READ MORE

How to improve my skin care regimen? (photos)

I've been using tretinoin .05% for about five months. It helped clear up in my forehead and make my skin softer, but my skin is still very congested.... READ MORE

What's the best skincare regimen in your early 20s?

I'm turning 20 years old this October and would really like to 'amp' up my skincare routine. I use a cleanser as well as a moisturiser and use... READ MORE

I need a fairly inexpensive but effective skincare routine and product recommendation for 40 YO skin, any suggestions? (Photo)

I have signs of age, sun damage and melasma. I also have wrinkles starting on my forehead and mouth. I'm overwhelmed with all the products out there... READ MORE

What do you recommend for treatment of my skin condition? What skin care regimen is suitable depending on the weather? (Photo)

First of all I have a oily skin on my face, thus acne and skin discoloration. I saw a dermatologist in my country and he said my acne was caused by my... READ MORE

What is a good, simple skin regime for oily hormonal skin?

After my 2nd baby, I started having big huge pimples only around the bottom half of my face,upper lip area,chin,sometimes around nose (I have a very... READ MORE

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