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Is There Any Hope Left for Me? Dark/Red Spots All Over My Legs.

I have severe discoloration and dark/redish spots all over my legs. I have tried so many things but nothing has help. I am so embarrassed to show it... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Caused White Spots, Will They Fade?

Please help In order to eliminate a red spot I had since 5 years ago, the doctor gave me:morning depidermSF Uriage, evening two creams to use in... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Spots That Won't Go Away After 6 Months? (photo)

My skins dry and I rarely get spots, I wear makeup occasionally but when I got these spots in November I didn't wear makeup at all, The spots are... READ MORE

Is this Actinic Keratosis? (photos)

I have been told I have an AK on my face . I have researched this and some photos look similar and some do not . This red patch is dry but does not... READ MORE

I Have Red Blotches over my Skin Any Idea What It Could Be? (photo)

Recently I've noticed these red rash like blotches over my skin and I am unsure whether it's serious enough to go to the doctors or something that a... READ MORE

What combination of dermatological procedures would be best to help me? (Photo)

What dermatological procedure or combination thereof would help me with the following goals? 1. Tighten my skin around my cheeks and jaw line 2.... READ MORE

Red Spots on Face from Sun or Heat Exposure, What is the Cause? (photo)

I've seen an allergist and 2 derms & both have prescribed cortisone; however the cortisone does not treat the root of the problem. 3 years... READ MORE

Treatment for Reddish Spots?

I am having a problem with tiny little red dots on my arms. Some of the spots look like sun spots, and the rest are little dotty red spots. I asked my... READ MORE

I had this red spot on my wrist since December. It doesn't itch or burn and I'm concerned. What is it? (Photo)

I have a red spot on my wrist. It's weird. It doesn't itch or burn. What is it? READ MORE

I have plenty of red spots on my legs before and after waxing. Any suggestions?

I always use sugar paste to remove hair... i never shaved.... i used sugar paste since i was 13 and results were marvelous i had smooth and shiny legs... READ MORE

The past 2 months I've had a circular red spot on my chin that is usually flaky in the morning & red throughout the day. (photo)

I have a skin rash on my chin that is red and the skin is flaky. It's gotten very slightly better in the last week. It doesn't itch, hurt, or have any... READ MORE

I have a squishy red spot on top of my head. Any suggestions? (photos)

Im just wondering what it could be it feels like it has puss in it and the hair is missing in that spot makes me real nervous hurts. Little bit not much READ MORE

How do I get the red dot on my nose removed without a laser? (Photo)

Hi , I have had a tiny red dot on the side of my nose for about two years now.I am assuming it is a inflated blood vessel from a pimple that I had... READ MORE

Bumpy and red spots all over face. It is very dry, not itchy. What are my options? (Photo)

I've had what I thought was fungus all over my face so I used anti fungus cream on my face, although it no longer fungus but what's left are these... READ MORE

I've been getting red spots on my cheeks near the nose for about a week and skin is dry and flaky by nose. What can I do?

They seen to come up over night and after a day or so they go flat put still red it just gets me down cause makes me self conscious so have to use make up READ MORE

I have red bumps on my forehead that started a few days ago. How can I get rid of them? (Photo)

There are also some on on the lower right side of my face diagonal to my bottom lip, but above my chin. Any suggestions on what they might be, and... READ MORE

about my face skin. How can I fix it? (photos)

I m just skin got damag and got so much thin after using betnovate-n .i m use it from 7 i stop to use it.....also cause red... READ MORE

What is wrong with my face? Is this an allergic reaction and how can I get rid of it? (Photos)

I have very oily skin and had semi clear skin until like two days ago that I started to get red spots and dots on my face like this. Skin is also very... READ MORE

How do I know if the spot on my nose is indeed a spider angioma or not? (Photos)

I've had a small red dot right in the middle of the bridge of my nose. It never showed there was any reason for concern, whatsoever, until 2 years... READ MORE

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