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Shingles or Something Similar?

My skin erupts into small blisters, usually before my period or whenever I feel weak. It starts as a red, itchy, small round patch and it develops... READ MORE

Red blemish on nose. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

This red mark has been here for over 6 months!!!! Help!!!!! How can I get ride of it? What would b the best type of makeup to cover it? It's a smooth... READ MORE

I have a rash under my right armpit. Do I need to see a doctor? (photo)

The rash is bright red, almost looks like it's bleeding. It gets moist out of no where and smells foul. There are also red bumps all around the area.... READ MORE

Why is my skin so red and blotchy in certain areas on my face? I'm only 17! (Photo)

I have oily skin in the mornings and usually throughout the day, however, my face has had red belmish around the chin area and nose area for a while... READ MORE

I'm male 22 years old. I'm suffering from thin and sensitive skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used to wash my skin very much with cosmetics as a result of which my skin peeled off and new skin has is very sensitive,reddish and READ MORE

Put Tea Tree Oil On My Penis and Started to Swell. There is Now A Red Line Underneath it, What Should I Do?

Hey I Put Tea Tree Oil Didn't Dilute It and Put It on my Penis and It Started to Swell So I Washed It off Really Fast. Now there is a red line... READ MORE

Red light therapy stand up booth. Will it help my general face complexion?

At my gym I have access to unlimited uses of the beauty angel rvt 30 (red light therapy booth with vibration plate) its a 12 minute booth. Will it... READ MORE

I use medisalic cream which contains salicylic acid and clobetasol propionate. Does it cause red patches on my cheeks? (Photo)

Doctor i have used medisalic cream for almost a year and now i have red patches on my chicks and nose my face burns all the time if i walk out in... READ MORE

Today I noticed several small, itchy bumps in my pubic area. (photo)

What could this possibly be and what should I do? READ MORE

What can I do for chemical burn on my face? (photos)

I had a sample of the Peter Thomas Roth laser free resurfacer which is a night serum. I used it Saturday night and washed my face in the morning, and... READ MORE

I tried a cinnamon mask and now my face burns. What should I do?

I put on a cinnamon honey mask with 3 tbs honey and cinnamon and my face started burning so I put aloe from a plant on the burn spot and the burning... READ MORE

The skin above my upper lip has been red for about 6months, desperate for help! (Photo)

My skin above my upper lip is red and a little flaky, I've been trying a lot of different medical creams but nothing helps. Such as cortison and... READ MORE

Itchy, oily skin. What can this be?

This started maybe about 3 weeks ago. I sweat a lot when I sleep and I noticed that my neck would be sweaty/oily when I wake. The chin area and cheek... READ MORE

I have a large blotchy, scaly, red skin patches on my nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I have had a few red blotches on my nose for about 3-4 months now. I've been moisturizing frequently and tried eczema cream as well though I do... READ MORE

Are red LED lights, like the Quasar MD Plus, effective for the improvement of skin quality and firmness?

This device claims to penetrate through the layers of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin development thereby diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. READ MORE

I have raw skin on my nose. What can I do for it to heal and how long?

Hi, I have some very raw skin on my nose. It is weeping and red for 2 days now (i must admit that i cant leave i alone) I have put a good helping of... READ MORE

Has topical steroid cream damaged my skin?

I have suffered from eczema my entire life. I have been using hydrocortizone 1% on my face and the rest of my body almost continuously for years... I... READ MORE

How do I get rid of red and dry skin around my mouth?

So it is really red and dry all around my mouth. I've tried vaseline, moisturizers, aloe and a banana mask but nothing is working. Sometimes it seems... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for post Efudex treatment?

Red, crusting and burning of face after two weeks of application 2 x day. Better to use hydrocortisone cream or Cytophil cream or both? ok to take... READ MORE

How can I heal a red irritation of the skin after using Nair?

I used Nair on my face and left it in for 3 minutes and now my face is red and blotchy and very irritable. READ MORE

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