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Why Do I Get Rashes at Night?

I have problems with my skin for last three months. I'm getting rashes on my body at night when I go to sleep, and I feel better in the morning. I use... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope Left for Me? Dark/Red Spots All Over My Legs.

I have severe discoloration and dark/redish spots all over my legs. I have tried so many things but nothing has help. I am so embarrassed to show it... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for pimples, rashes and oily face? Also my hair is also dull and oily after wash with shampoo.

I have combination skin. Face is very oily and full of rashes. Acne is also visible most of the year. I can't use any type of cream in my face. My... READ MORE

I just realized that I have been accidentally using body wash as lotion. Any suggestions?

And how have rashes on the inside of my elbows, upper arms and some blotchiness on my face. What can I do to expedite the healing process? READ MORE

Skin PIH

Hi ...4 Months Back , I applied dettol on my cheeks , on both sides , I think the dettol was contaminated , it gave me a burning sensation , I washed... READ MORE

I have a rash under my right armpit. Do I need to see a doctor? (photo)

The rash is bright red, almost looks like it's bleeding. It gets moist out of no where and smells foul. There are also red bumps all around the area.... READ MORE

What is this on my face? And how do I get it to go away? (Photo)

I am 37 years old and this discoloration started about 10 years ago . I have had a chemical peel which did nothing and also used Retin-a micro for... READ MORE

What is going on? I have no idea what's going on with my skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

About a month and a few weeks I've started having problems with my skin all over my body. Itchiness and burning. My areola has some sort of scabby... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get off Persivate?

Dear Doctor, I have been usig persivate for about 4 years now and it is not easy getting off it and my face just develops rash all over and becomes... READ MORE

What is This Rash on my Body? (photo)

It itches ALOT.... I am not sexually active, and it doesn't seem to be spreading. Inside groin area. READ MORE

I Have the Feeling of Ants Under my Skin

It begun in my third trimester. first I have something calledpupps then the itching. What can be done to help me.? Is this horome imbalanced or do... READ MORE

Skin Product Allergy (TNS Recovery)

After a long Realself search, I came to the conclusion that TNS Recovery was the best choice to protect my Fraxel Restored skin. I am still having a... READ MORE

What is this non-itchy, dry rash on my neck, chest, and face? (photo)

It's happened over the last couple of weeks. It started as a small splotch of dry, flaky skin on one eye lid, then one on my other eyelid. Then a... READ MORE

Has topical steroid cream damaged my skin?

I have suffered from eczema my entire life. I have been using hydrocortizone 1% on my face and the rest of my body almost continuously for years... I... READ MORE

Face skin problems. What can I do to get clear glowing smooth skin? (photos)

Hello, I'm a female 25 years old I'm facing problems in my face since I was 15 its something between acne and rash My dr recommend Roacotine treatment... READ MORE

Can anyone identify by my pictures (tiny whiteheads appearing quickly), what kind of breakout or rash I'm dealing with?

Female, aged 34. 2 years ago, I developed a tiny rash of white heads on my face (15-20 at any time), they don't itch and go away after a few days, but... READ MORE

Does This Look Sexualy Transmited Or Just a Rash? (photo)

I had shaved about to 2 weeks in the genital area occasional razor burn occurs But this time i got these circles I have had sex in a while but am very... READ MORE

Facial Skin thinning due to topical steroid use for 2 days?

Hi, I had a bad rash all over my face a couple of months back, and I put clobetasol propionate ALL over my face for 2 days. Is there any way this has... READ MORE

Having Strange Skin Rashes No One Can Diagnose?

After having my son 3 yrs ago i noticed small rashes on the underside of my arm, and side if my torso, i was given creams by Docs and didnt' seem... READ MORE

I had a rash start in my inner thighs and then my armpits and its spreading. What treatment would you recommend?

It's starting to spread everywhere, like my hand and arm and foot. I'm allergic to detergents but I don't use any. Please help I'm scared READ MORE

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