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Best Way to Avoid Skin Sun Damage?

What are tips the doctors and skin experts offer to those of us trying like mad to keep sun damage from destroying our skin! READ MORE

Is it possible to preserve the look of young skin and delay the aging of skin through someone's 70s or 80s?

What I mean is that my girlfriend has been concerned that she "will look like death" when she's older and wished to retain her look when she's older.... READ MORE

Facial exercises to prevent aging - Do they help or hurt?

I have come across information and videos on facial exercises where people do things like form the mouth into an 'O,' raise eyebrows and hold them,... READ MORE

What are my priorities for preventing and maintaining my skin and facial qualities? (photos)

Here are pictures with better light and different light. Wanting to know how bad my sun damage is?? And what should be my main priorities as far as... READ MORE

My Skin is Burned After Waxing My Face, What Can I Do To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

Hi, yesterday I waxed my face and added vaseline and panoxyl so it doesnt break out when I woke up I have this huge burned patch thats dark brown and... READ MORE

Which Arbonne Product Prevents Aging?

I'm thinking about trying Arbonne for a new face routine but am unsure which one: FC5 or Nutrimen C? I'm 29 years old and don't really think I need... READ MORE

How to Remove Sebacious Hyperplacia, Tiny Cyst Under Eyes?

Can you remove them with creams, laser, etc.? Also how can you best prevent them since Retin A is not used under eyes? Thanks! READ MORE

I'm 23 Soon, Looking to Prevent Aging, What Can I Do? (photo)

My mom is white and I'm ashamed of what I'm about to say but she aged particularly badly (+ sunworshipper, alcohol, smoker, bad nutrition,... READ MORE

How can I prevent Milia from forming under my eyes?

Hello, I remove my Milia from under my eyes with a needle. Is there an easier, not harmful way to remove them? For example, a cream? Please help me! :( READ MORE

Preventing the Body From Aging?

Like the face. does the body age too? in whats ways?. and do procedures that are done on the face to make to look younger do we have to do on the... READ MORE

How can I return my pigment back and how can I prevent from spreading? Can surgery replace the pigment? (photo)

It has been 6 years since this thing started to occur on my inner lip. when i saw a doctor he prescribed me to take "orrepaste, advantan, and elosone"... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent these fine lines or make these go away? (Photo)

I am 23 years old i have noticed i have recently got these fine lines under my eyes and when i smile they are really noticeable. What can i do to... READ MORE

Should we be wearing sunscreen everyday?

A lot of beauty guru's are advocating daily sun cream use to prevent wrinkles however wouldnt this interfere with Vitamin D production? I have tan... READ MORE

Retinol Cream prevent aging?

I'm 41 year old male but have no visible wrinkles but I was just wondering if I included a retinol cream in my regiment would that prevent wrinkles? READ MORE

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