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Lines Under Eyes, Only 24 Years Old, How Do I Get Rid of These?

The photo is not very clear but there are 2 visible creases, and even more beneath that (5 or 6) that look like they will eventually turn into creases... READ MORE

Face Looking Old at Age 25 - Any Help?

I am a 25 year old female who has been going through a period of EXTREME stress which I think has aged me. I am wondering what I can do about the very... READ MORE

My Face is Aging and I'm Only 23. What Do I Do?

I look in my late 30's or early 40's and deep nasolabial fold, thin skin around the eyes and sunken cheeks. I have gotten juvederm in my nasolabials... READ MORE

How Can Smile Lines from Premature Ovarian Failure Be Corrected?

I'm 24 years old, and I've had deep smile lines for as long as I can remember. In the past, I simply accepted them as a minor, tolerable flaw.... READ MORE

Taking care of dry/old-looking skin post-accutane? (photo)

I finished a course of accutane a year ago and have been acne free (yay!), but my previously combo/oily skin is now quite dry and I am at a loss as to... READ MORE

Why does my face look so mucher older than the rest of my body and I'm only 18? (Photo)

Hi, I've had an older face for years. I look far older than I actually am and I am constantly being mistaken, the result being I have very little... READ MORE

Premature aging. What can I do about this?

I am 23 yrs old men.but people says i looks like i am 26,27 yr.i think this is because my unhealthy eating habbits like junk foods from my childhood.I... READ MORE

Can Adderall XR cause premature skin aging? (photos)

I'm prescribed Adderall XR 30 mg (1 capsule each morning) for ADHD. Just wondering - as I've heard talk of this floating around from people who don't... READ MORE

I'm 24 and I Have Dry, Very Loose Skin, Looks Like I'm 50 Years Old, What Can I Do?

Helllo  I'm 24 and I Have Dry Skin and Very Very Loose Skin Look Like 50 Years Old What Should I Do Help Plz... READ MORE

Am I aging prematurely? (photos)

Hello I turned 26 recently and I'm noticing I look tired lately with hollow eyes and nasalabiol folds. I was wondering if these are premature signs of... READ MORE

I'm 26, I've been seeing the signs of premature aging.Drooping skin & no collagen. I have adult acne, & weak bones. Suggestion?

What actual surgeries (not temp fillers) can you guys do to actually fix a 26 year old with collagen loss in face and lips and loose skin? What could... READ MORE

Sudden aging because of a trauma. How to naturally undo it?

I don't smoke,no alchohol, looked much younger untill 38 years old and then my father died, I had a shock and suddently my face collagen decreased in... READ MORE

19 year old skin, is it premature aging? (Photo)

Im 19, have asthma, eczema and allergies. I have recently started a non diary diet due to stomach and skin concerns. My facial texture has however not... READ MORE

21. Please help me treat orange peel texture with premature aging and (what looks like) hundreds of clogged pores (Photo)

Had series of fraxel 2 years ago for acne scarring. Improved scarring, but left bumpy orange peel texture and premature aging, particularly on... READ MORE

Help with lines around mouth and sensitive skin! (Photo)

Is my skin prematurely aging? What are my treatment options for extremely allergy-prone, hyper-sensitive skin? Who is the best Dr. in Maryland/VA/PA... READ MORE

Am I aging too early?

I'm running on 20.I have oblong face that gives me a bloated appearance, big round brown eyes, nose with a hump and small mouth. I'm 5'6". I'd been a... READ MORE

Will wearing Sunscreen at night lead to premature aging?

I do not wear makeup, but I do wear sunscreen and sometimes I do not remove my sunscreen before I go to bed. Will this cause wrinkles like sleeping in... READ MORE

Any advice or help? Lost weight, small amount and has aged my eyes greatly. (Photo)

I've recently lost weight (not a lot) and one of the effects has been ageing my eyes (bigtime). I'm only in my early thirties and quite distraught... READ MORE

Will I be able to recover from premature aging?

Sir, I'm 21 years old but for the last 2-3 years my face had been facing adverse conquest of premature aging I look at least 15 years older. Some 12... READ MORE

Neer advice for very prematurely-aged skin, deforming piercing scars, and overall unappealing features. (Photo)

My face has developed pinkish patches where pores become stretched and then connect, and finally I am left with no "original skin". Pretty much... READ MORE

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