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Will These Damaged Pores on my Nose Ever Heal? (photo)

I have this area that is unnaturally scarred due to my own idiocy. The area has healed over time (it used to be badly red; it's been a few months)... READ MORE

How can I get rid of strawberry legs/ dark pores on my legs? (Photo)

I've dark pores covering the entire surface of my leg. I don't think its 'chicken skin' because they are described to be bumps, but these dark dots I... READ MORE

Procedures for Minimizing Nose Pores?

Are there any procedures for minimizing nose pores? I have used many different products that have never given me any results. READ MORE

Natural Remedy for Deep Pores from Acne?

I have deep pores created by acne on one cheek. The skin looks very uneven because of that. Can I have some natural remedy for that? READ MORE

What's a good stable effective brand of vitamin c?

Just would like some referrals for good vitamin c serum brands that are stable. I've tried skin authority and it was very helpful with vanishing my... READ MORE

Can I use Differin on my clear skin to improve pores and texture?

My skin is clear, thanks to a tube of differin years ago; my skin never broke out again! Now I have uneven texture and large pores, if I use it again... READ MORE

Best treatment for terrible forehead texture and nose?

I am 15 years old, I do not have acne but the skin is uneven, the sides seem to be wrinkled and the forehead has many pores and lumps, I want a... READ MORE

Best cosmetic procedure for 70 year old skin w/o wrinkles?

I have no wrinkles but want plumper and finer pored skin. Three questions. 1. VERY BEST for this procedure for this? 2. Least expensive with good... READ MORE

I have really difficult skin, but I still can't figure it out! (Photo)

My skin is making me feel so self conscious. I used to have a lot of spots but then they simmered down a bit, now they are coming back. Ican't figure... READ MORE

What should i do to remove pores on my face?

When i was 16 year old my face was gud and after some month i got pimples on my face and slowly slowly it transformed into pores on my face and i'm... READ MORE

Even out skin tone best solution? (Photo)

I'm nearly 60. No wrinkles. Oily skin with large pores age spots and uneven skin tone READ MORE

How to Get Rid of One Large Open Pore on Cheek?

I have one very large, open pore on my cheek. The rest of the pores on my face are normal (can't really see them). At 46, I can't imagine... READ MORE

Getting small holes or pores on face after initial breakout from tretinoin. Is this normal?

I had a normal face, no real acne. I started using tretinoin 0.05 for two weeks everyday, i stopped because my face erupted in whiteheads.after a... READ MORE

Swelling After Using Stretch Mark Cream to Reduce Pores?

I was told that Strivectin (stretch mark cream) would reduce my enlarged pores, after using for one week, my lips and upper lip area got swollen and... READ MORE

Looking for Treatment for Big Pores and Holes in the Skin

Still have acne. but they seem to come under the skin and cann'not be popped. I have large pores and holes in my skin from black heads and want to... READ MORE

Mildest Treatment for Large Pores?

I assume the more extensive laser treatments will be better but if I don't want to go that route, what else will reduce large pores? Thank you for... READ MORE

How to Keep Facial Pores Healthy?

Is is possible that moderate use of Retin A, peels, microderms, and lasers can cause pore walls to breakdown more quickly? Or is the bottom line -... READ MORE

How to make my pores smaller? My skin use to be poreless.

I'm only seventeen turning eighteen this year so I don't think ageing is to blame. I use to use body soaps on my face, I was quite young when I did... READ MORE

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