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Acne Breakout on Sun-damaged Skin

I have searched all over the internet but have not found anything that covers this. I have pretty badly sun damaged skin (which was caused by a sad... READ MORE

Enlarged Pore After Pimple?

I had a pimple on my upper lip about one month ago that was not very large. I applied a sulfur acne treatment and the pimple became quite pussy and... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for pimples, rashes and oily face? Also my hair is also dull and oily after wash with shampoo.

I have combination skin. Face is very oily and full of rashes. Acne is also visible most of the year. I can't use any type of cream in my face. My... READ MORE

Pimples on Shaft? (photo)

I have few pimples on my for shaft i dont know if this is normal or for epilation problems READ MORE

Pimples Leave Marks on my Face After They Disappear Even if I Dont Touch Them?

Everytime a pimple pops out on my face it gets very big and red, some times it hurts to even wash my face, but it always leaves dark marks on my face... READ MORE

What Causes Recuring Pimples And Dark Spots? (photo)

I have tryed several products but they dnt seem 2 work 4 long then the pimples start showing up with dark sports and its getting on my nerves! READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my very bad skin? (Photo)

I have a lot of clogged pores, blackheads, pimples and so on. ofcourse nothing helps me, maybe someone has good advice for my skin? thanks. READ MORE

What should i do to remove pores on my face?

When i was 16 year old my face was gud and after some month i got pimples on my face and slowly slowly it transformed into pores on my face and i'm... READ MORE

Bump on face after pimple extraction. What could it be and how do I get rid of it? (Photo)

I had one inflamed pimple on my cheek that was still young. I went to get a facial and the lady decided to extract it even after I requested it to be... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Pimple Marks and Burn Marks (Asian, Age 40)?

I am 40 year old asian dark skin lady I have lot of pimple marks & burnt mark on my face& my body including surgical marks & my skin is... READ MORE

Using momate cream for 2 years & now feeling itchy if I stop using it. Is there any way to get back normal healthy skin? (Photo)

I have been using momate (momatesone Furoate) cream for my face from 2 years, I was suggested for pigmentation and pimple marks by one of the doctor.I... READ MORE

My Face is Not Clear at All? Oily Skin, Pimples, Sensitive Skin?

My face is very oily, I dont have severe acne, but my face is not clear. It looks like my acne is under the skin, I also do have a lot of pimples, my... READ MORE

How to remove pimples and block spots on my face? I've been using skin lightening cream for a year

How to remove pimples and block spots on my face,i want immediate advice from doctors READ MORE

How can I improve my skin color and glow?

Hello, So many pimples comes out on my face. Which cream I use? my skin is so sweaty and sensitive.Using sun screen Lotion,my face became dark.which... READ MORE

22 Year Old Male w/ Pimples & Skin Problems - Options?

Docter Iam 22 Year Old Boy . my Skin Has Many Problums but What Shoud I Do?? my Problum is Skin Pimples and Stress Skin no freshness i want clean and... READ MORE

How to Remove Pimples on Face?

I am getting irritation with pimples on my face could you please suggest me how to get rid of pimples on my face? READ MORE

Gentle yet a good pimple and blackhead face wash?

I have dry skin and a little oil on my t-zone i break out but its not as severe as acne like ill get 5 pimples on different spot at the most i have... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve the Process of Healing After a Pimple?

I had a pimple by my nose and the skin peeled off and turned purple how can i heal it? I used Clean & Clear acne spot but peeled my skin off and... READ MORE

I am a 17 year old male, I have a lot of pimples on my forehead & both cheeks. I want to remove them. (photo)

Hello Guyz please suggest me any home remedy or any chemical product i want to remove pimples with their markshere are some images of my pimples.... READ MORE

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