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Most Effective Treatment to Even out Skin Tone?

I am a 39-year-old female and I'm interested to know what latest treatment the doctors would recommend for a smoother, more even-toned facial skin? In... READ MORE

Best Laser to Treat Poikiloderma of Civatte?

Can Fraxel Repair be used on Poikiloderma of Civatte? READ MORE

Will Mederma Help with Hyperpigmentation After Cryotherapy?

I have some dark pigmentation after I had some cryotherapy done. Will Mederma help fade the pigmentation or is there something better? READ MORE

Is Hydroquinone Cream Safe To Use Under The Eyes For Pigmentation?

To use under the eyes? I have pigmentation an i have tried everything from creams to restylane and i want something else to use for better results. Is... READ MORE

What can I do about pigment loss in upper lip? Please help. (Photo)

I am a 31 year old Korean male. Since my early twenties I began to notice the pigment on my lips starting to fade. Now it looks like a significant... READ MORE

What to Do to Improve Skin Texture and Even Skin Tone?

Ive done 30% peels at home and see not much improvement I would like to improve my skin texture and get rid of uneven color. The peel at home isnt... READ MORE

When I Should Start Thinking of Doing Skin Rejuvenation?

I'm a woman my age is 33 years. I have white skin and I have a little sun spots on my cheecks and pegmentation. and I have three three acnes around my... READ MORE

How to Prevent Pigmentation Under Eyes and on Nose?

I'm 18 years old, Caucasian male, and live in Minnesota, so sun and tanning is a rarity until late spring and summer. I've been going for jogs when it... READ MORE

What month is better to start using obagi against pigmentation ?

I've purchased obagi nu derm the complete line for my pigmentation . What month is better to start? Should I wait till October or November when the... READ MORE

Best medical skin treatment for freckled light skinned redhead, age 42, who hates makeup and can deal with downtime?

I'm a natural redhead with a combination of serious squint lines around my eyes since my teens, uneven pigmentation, and freckles that have merged... READ MORE

Dermatologist says Minocycline caused my pigment to darken, can it? (photos)

Doctor says Minocycline caused my skin to darken. I'm the chick that asked about the hydroquinine and creams. Keep my regimen but dropped the... READ MORE

All my pigmentation is back after 4 mths on Triluma at night & Obagi Clear & Extraderme forte. I'm 47! What next? (photo)

I started my treatment with TriLuma only on pigmentation at night and Obagi Vitamin C, Clear, Extraderme forte & sunscreen 30 whole face during the... READ MORE

Using momate cream for 2 years & now feeling itchy if I stop using it. Is there any way to get back normal healthy skin? (Photo)

I have been using momate (momatesone Furoate) cream for my face from 2 years, I was suggested for pigmentation and pimple marks by one of the doctor.I... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Facial Massage on Dark Skin

Hi, I have been looking into the ultrasonic wavelength facial massage therapy offered by skin clinics to clear up congestion on the face. Just wanted... READ MORE

My skin is rough, dull and pigmented, is there something wrong with my skin? (photos)

I had applied dettol(undiluted) 3 years ago,but week later my skin get normal and then all of sudden it start darking,i am also suffering from mild... READ MORE

Are dermamelan treatment results temporary?

I had good results with most new pigment stripped away. Would the maintenance cream ( that I would keep using twice a day for several months) plus... READ MORE

What treatments could I get to fix my uneven skin tone ? (photo)

I feel like my skin is lighter at my jaw line and it does darker towards my cheeks. I have some pigmentation spots from old pimple too. I'm open to... READ MORE

What cosmetic treatment do I require to get flawless skin? (Photo)

I am 18 years old. I have severe pigmentation and acne problem as you can see in the picture. I also have dark lips. I have a sensitive skin which is... READ MORE

Discoloration/pigmentation issue (red lines and dots) under lips. Can anything be done about this? (Photo)

I have red lines and dots protruding from my bottom lip, and the same is happening to a much smaller extent above my upper lip. I have them for a... READ MORE

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