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Past Two Days I Am Using Tretinoin Cream, I Got Dryness, Skin Peeling, Should I Discontinue?

Past two days i am using tretinoin cream usp(tretin 0.025%)suggested by dermotologist. i got dryness, skin peeling on my chin. shall i continue or... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Causing Peeling and Pinkness

I have used hydroquinone to lighten dark spots from previous acne, I then rubbed too hard causing my skin's top layer to come off and pus came out. I... READ MORE

History of Cosmetic Skin Peeling

I only wanted to know when skin peeling was first used for cosmetic reasons and who had the first treatments? i also wanted to know how long its... READ MORE

I have dry, peeling skin around lips and dry lips. Any suggestions? (photos)

It started about 4 months ago. The skin around and on my lips feels really tight in the morning and starts flaking off and peel throughout the day.... READ MORE

What is going on with my natually oily skin that's peeling in T-Zone? (Photo)

My skin is naturally oily and have many blackheads and visible pores around my T-Zone. Due to squeezing, my skin is now damaged - as displayed by the... READ MORE

Should my skin be peeling? Should it feel dry?

I was prescribed tretinoin, and my dermatologist said it should be drying out my skin but it hasn't. After I put it on, my face feels soft, as if I... READ MORE

I'm male 22 years old. I'm suffering from thin and sensitive skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used to wash my skin very much with cosmetics as a result of which my skin peeled off and new skin has is very sensitive,reddish and READ MORE

How do I stop my face from peeling and also how do I get my skin color back lighter or the same? (photos)

I Got In the Pool Saturday And Forgot To Put Sunscreen On And I Got. A Really Bad Sun Burn Now My Sun Burn Is Peeling What Should I Do To Stop It From... READ MORE

Skin dry itchy and peeling after vit c serum use

I am Indian with medium olive skin tone. I am currently using a home made vit C serum and retin A. I can see a lot of improvements however after using... READ MORE

Glycolic Cream Named As Bio One Cream After 7 Days Of Peeling, Should I Continue Using?

Glycolic cream named as bio one cream after 7 days of dulls my skin...shall i use it or stop or only usr sm good moisturiser?????? READ MORE

Dermaceutic Spot Peel. Good? Bad? What is the Downtime for Redness and Peeling?

I'm considering getting a Dermaceutic Spot Peel. What can I expect? How many days of redness will it last? And how many days of peeling? Any side effects? READ MORE

Why are my lips peeling? (photo)

My lips are constantly peeling, its been going on for 7-8 months and no solution was found thus far. I dont know if thats related but i have small... READ MORE

I have dry skin next to my mouth. It gets dry after I take a shower and flakes come out, it burns. What could it be? (photo)

It's not red, it looks like a rash of some sort, it itches and burns when I try to eat, the skin seems to be peeling. I don't think it's peromial... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for over-exfoliated skin?

The skin feels dry and reddens easily, What would be the best treatment, to restore the skin back to normal? in the way of lasers or skin peels? thanks. READ MORE

PIH from 30% Salicylic Acid Chem Peel, Frosting Occured, What Should I Do? (photo)

I've done about 4 treatments just fine.The 5th treatment I actually had some frosting occur pretty aggressively? I do these at home as I cannot afford... READ MORE

Can I Use Avon Anew Peels After Using Merle Norman Exfoliator?

Can i use a merle norman exfolaitor wash and then avon anew peel pads right after READ MORE

I get bad dry skin on my nose once I peel & scratch at the flakiness it turns dark brown & won't clear up. What is this? (photo)

What can I buy over counter to clear this brown pigmentation up I have had the bridge looking brown line going across my nose for years now a few days... READ MORE

My big toe on my right foot has been peeling for over two months.

When the peel comes off, it's a yellow whitish thick and hard piece of old skin. The toe keeps peeling. Why is the toe peeling like it is. READ MORE

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