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Painful Sores on Penis That Hurt? (photo)

I recently saw these sores not sure why want to know if it is because of my penis rubbing against my boxer or something READ MORE

Protopic Treament for Seborrheic Dermatitis

I am fair skinned but tan easy. After a lifetime of avoiding the sun I foolishly tanned in tanning beds for 2 years but stopped when I first started... READ MORE

Lighter Spots Around my Nose and Mouth are Painful and Spreading

I am stressed alot and I do be in the sun alot but i havent had any problems before. its starting to spread and is really dry. It gets achy when i... READ MORE

I have a rash under my right armpit. Do I need to see a doctor? (photo)

The rash is bright red, almost looks like it's bleeding. It gets moist out of no where and smells foul. There are also red bumps all around the area.... READ MORE

I'm male 22 years old. I'm suffering from thin and sensitive skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used to wash my skin very much with cosmetics as a result of which my skin peeled off and new skin has is very sensitive,reddish and READ MORE

I have severely dry, cracked skin on my feet, particularly my heels. What is the best product to get rid of this?

The skin on my feet is flaky, dry, and has begun to form cracks which are very painful. I have a history with eczema, and no creams I have used seem... READ MORE

For the past couple years I am struggling with a skin issue on my scalp and nothing helps. What could this be? (Photo)

I've seen a dermatologist and was told I have sebboric dermatitis on my scalp. Basically dandruff I guess. But no shampoos or TGEL or head and... READ MORE

May I please get a real M.D. to answer what this is on thumb and webbing of hand in the pictures? (photos)

Description: Thumbs and webbing have become hard, callused, cracking and splitting (2-6 mm deep). Shes tried vitamin E capsules (oral as well as... READ MORE

How can I treat a chemical reaction on my face? (photos)

I used Wen shampooing conditioner 3 xs 6 weeks ago and have a raw scaley place on the side of my lip (which is cracked and will not heal) spreading... READ MORE

Will the surgeon still do the surgery if the cysts is starting to go away?

I have something called hidradenitis suppurativa and the cysts come and go all the time but are very pain full and I'm scheduled for surgery for the... READ MORE

My skin is very dry and cracked. When I wash my face it hurts. Is there any way to help?

I am a 15 year old guy with just a small amount acne. I swim six days a week in a chlorine pool and I think it causes my skin to be severely dry and... READ MORE

Skin Issues on Buttocks

I have problems with my butt area skin. 1- Big painfull red acnes during my period, which their scar remains for years! 2- brown spots that has... READ MORE

Rash Resulting in Broken Capillaries, Swelling, Is Damage Permanent?

I used a day cream from Nuxe twice last weekend--the 2nd time i noticed my skin was dry and i had developed a rash. i stopped using it immediately. i... READ MORE

Any treatment recommendation for dryness, flaking, and red scabs on scalp?

I have always struggled with mild dandruff, but this winter my scalp had taken a turn for the worst; it has become increasingly dry and itchy, which... READ MORE

What is the best way to fade shingles scars and dark spots? (photos)

I was diagnosed with Shingles (Herpes Zoster) 3 months ago. The painful blisters on my face initially lasted about 2 weeks until they started to scab... READ MORE

Can you please tell me what this skin condition is? What is this rash? I'm worried it's Petechia. (photos)

I've had spots on my feet for a while, but now it's spreading up my legs and even a little on my arms (near elbow). I'm scared. It doesn't itch, but... READ MORE

What is This on my Toe? (photo)

I went to chiropodist about 6/7 weeks ago and he thought it was a veruca under nail. He chopped it and the skin around it off. It's now grown back and... READ MORE

I have a painful armpit cyst or lump and it has gotten very large and i very painful. What do I do?

I have had smaller one in same area before likely due to shaving and deoderant but this has gotten swollen and very painful and very large. READ MORE

Can stasis dermatitis be permanently cured in a young male? Can skin color be restored? I am 27 year old male with fair skin.

I am 26 year old obese male suffering from stasis dermatitis. I was recommended antiobiotics to treat secondary infection and was advised to use... READ MORE

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