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What Natural Skin Care Products Improve Skin Tone?

I am not yet interested in botox. I want natural skin care products and techniques to get a great glowing skin tone and to repair fine lines and sun... READ MORE

Natural Remedy for Deep Pores from Acne?

I have deep pores created by acne on one cheek. The skin looks very uneven because of that. Can I have some natural remedy for that? READ MORE

How can I permanently remove these bumps on my nose and chin? (Photo)

Hi Im 23 yrs old from Philippines and I have this bumps on my chin and nose for 7 hears that doesn't go away. Can you pls tell me what kind of skin... READ MORE

What can I do in my 20's to have the best quality skin in my 50's?

I'm 22 years old. I stay out of the sun and use natural products on my face. I drink plenty of water and eat healthy. What other preventative measures... READ MORE

Organic Vs. Non-organic Beauty Products, What's the Difference?

Thanks for helping me understand organic skin products READ MORE

Are Natural Skin Care Products Worth It?

My friend tells me i'm getting exposed from bad ingredients by using "unnatural" skin care products.  Are natural products really worth it? READ MORE

Are Food-grade Skin Care Products the Same As Organic or Natural?

If a skin care product is "food-grade," is that the same as saying it is "organic" or "natural?" READ MORE

Is the Skin Deep Rating System Accurate?

I was told that the EWG -- the environmental working group-- has the best skin care and ingredients information for products. Do the doctors think... READ MORE

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil for Facial Skin Care?

Would the Seabuckthorn berry oil be a good complement to my face care? I've been reading a lot of good things about seabuckthorn berry oil. I'd like... READ MORE

What is the best way to gain back my natural skin after few yrs of bleaching?

Hi what is the best way to gain back my natural skin after few yrs of bleaching am tired of creams READ MORE

Can I get rid of fine lines with natural products?

I m only 27 n hv started getting 2-3 fine lines around my it possible to get rid of them completely by natural products..i m worried..does... READ MORE

What is the best hydration cream?

What is the best natural (preferably no PEG-s, alcohol) hydrating cream you have ever encountered? Regardless of oily skin, dry skin, I would only... READ MORE

How to get rid of these dots?

Recently i've notice these white dots under my eyes and wondered if they can be removed naturally. READ MORE

What is the natural way of treating eczema?

How can I relieve the itching and scaling? Is there any stuff to reduce my eczema that I can find in my kitchen or in the market? I have been using... READ MORE

Do I need to use sunscreen if I am indoors at home?

I use retinol, vitamin c, and peptides. I use spf. religiously when outdoors. However I have a pretty bright apartment. The sun doesn't directly get... READ MORE

How can I treat irritated, dry skin above my top lip? (photos)

Every so often, mostly after enduring heavy stress, the skin above my top lip and below my nose gets severely dry and irritated. I use nothing but... READ MORE

Can I use vitamin A on dark skin? I'm a 24 year old female.

I have brown, acne-prone skin and have some acne scarring. I just purchased a vitamin A creme by Beauté Pacifique. It contains Retinyl Acetate and ... READ MORE

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