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How to Treat Deep Smile Lines?

For someone with deep smile lines on their face. Is a facelift or plastic surgery their only option? Are dermal fillers a possible solution? READ MORE

Best Facial Filler for Those over 65?

My mother would like to reduce (not eliminate) her nasiolabial folds and upper lip lines. She does not want plastic surgery. However, I understand... READ MORE

My Face is Aging and I'm Only 23. What Do I Do?

I look in my late 30's or early 40's and deep nasolabial fold, thin skin around the eyes and sunken cheeks. I have gotten juvederm in my nasolabials... READ MORE

Help for my Old Lady Face!

I have sunken lines between the end of my nose to the corners of my mouth on a diagnol.  also i have chin dimples.  i'm a sagging old lady!... READ MORE

Im 24 years old and look 45. Is it possible to reverse those lines and wrinkles and look my age or younger at this point?

Hi, im a 24 year old male and i feel like I look like im 45. I have lines on my forehead, nasolabial lines, and alot of marks on my cheeks and... READ MORE

Meta Therapy. Is it worth it?

Hi does meta therapy work for ice pick depressed acne scars and nasal labial folds? I am considering the possibilities- thank u READ MORE

Am I aging prematurely? (photos)

Hello I turned 26 recently and I'm noticing I look tired lately with hollow eyes and nasalabiol folds. I was wondering if these are premature signs of... READ MORE

I really want to know what exactly I have on my cheeks and how to fix it? (photos)

Hi I'm 26 yrs old and i have dehydrated skin and high PH level and super sensitive skin The thing in short I developed nasofobial folds and i already... READ MORE

Why is the skin above mouth paler and nasolabial fold skin more red? (photos)

So I don't have those naso labial folds since I am still young, but I often notice this red discoloration in that area. And the skin above my upper... READ MORE

Dull and dry skin with pores and nasolabial folds at 23?

I feel like for my age, my skin looks too dull. The pores and nasolabial folds do not help either. I use broad spectrum SPF 30+ everyday, gentle... READ MORE

Super stressed for five years. Created a nasolabial line. I never move my mouth. Will it fade naturally?

One doctor said it would fade naturally I'm 29. Is this true and how long would it take? READ MORE

Vegetarian diet bad for skin?

I have some premature crow’s feet and nasobial folds that get a lot worse when I laugh. After a few hours they’re back to “normal” again though.... READ MORE

How can I get rid of nasolabial lines without going through surgery or using injections? Are there fruits that help? (Photo)

Hello Doctor. My name is Jane. I have nasal labial lines that really make me feel depressed. As a matter of fact, I see them slightly in my baby... READ MORE

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