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Lines Under Eyes, Only 24 Years Old, How Do I Get Rid of These?

The photo is not very clear but there are 2 visible creases, and even more beneath that (5 or 6) that look like they will eventually turn into creases... READ MORE

Treatment to Remove or Fill Dennie-Morgan Lines?

I am 32 y.o., and have suffered from allergies and eczema my entire life. For the past 3-4 years they have subsided, but I still have... READ MORE

I bought a device called Dermisonic made by Opatra. Have you heard of this device?

Have you heared of this device? I have been using it and have seen the lines around my eyes and jowls getting less but I am worried after reading some... READ MORE

How to get my 21 year old skin to look youthful again? (photos)

I am 21 years old and have fair skin with lots of freckles, I sleep on my right side and have shallow lines from where my face crinkles, I also have... READ MORE

Are There Any At-Home Treatments to Remove Under Eye Grooves and Lines?

I'm 15 year old girl, I have just noticed deep blue/purple grooves under my eyes. They were NOT there a month ago, I have pictures to prove it and... READ MORE

Help for my Old Lady Face!

I have sunken lines between the end of my nose to the corners of my mouth on a diagnol.  also i have chin dimples.  i'm a sagging old lady!... READ MORE

I have dark lines running from my eye down my cheek to the outer part of my face. What is it? Is this cause for concern? (Photo)

I never noticed them until my aunt recently brought them to my attention. They also rivit in a little bit almost like a dip in my skin I've tried... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Lines Around Eyes?

I'm 20 and have lines around my eyes. I have fair, kind of dry skin, though I never go tanning, wear sun block, get plenty of sleep, use lotion, etc.... READ MORE

What is this dark line in between breasts? (photos)

Hello, two weeks ago I've noticed a dark line between my breasts. At first I thought it was possibly dirt, but after continuously scrubbing it would... READ MORE

How do I get my skin conditions back to normal; Why am I going through all this; What could I be doing wrong? (photo)

I am 18 years old. I have these lines under my eyes that don't really look like eye bags. Also, I've been having acne on face, back, and chest... READ MORE

What is this distinct line running down my cheek? (Photo)

I was working out one day and noticed a distinct line running down my face/cheek. My face will blush whenever I work out however the blush will be all... READ MORE

Can I get rid of this? (photo)

Hi. So my skin is really sensitive, when I was little I would wear really tight underwear and that's why I got the first line (up). And when I got... READ MORE

How can I improve/fix the state of my skin on my nose, T-zone, and just under the eyes? Problems: pore size and lines? (Photo)

I've struggled with enlarged and stretched/broken pores and they only seem to be getting worse, the T-zone area (between the eyes and brows)... READ MORE

Retinol Reaction

I started using a strong OTC retinol 5 weeks ago. 1). I have developed lines on my cheeks, particularly on the area close to my nose. When I smile... READ MORE

Mia 2 cleansing system?

Do you think that the CLARISONIC cleaning system is an good investment towards ones face and neck? Is massaging and cleaning at same time to help with... READ MORE

My lifelong cheeks hollowed out, but at age 40 have deep, static nasal labial lines. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Which are: the dynamic 'smile' lines that ripple over my cheeks when I smile as of a few years ago. I do not want to fill in the mid-cheek as I like... READ MORE

Treatment needed for a red line coming down forehead in between eyebrows.

Hello, Today I noticed randomly that there was a red/purpleish line coming down the middle of my forehead in between my eyebrows, and stopping where... READ MORE

I have a vertical line on forehead next to my left eyebrow. How can I get rid of it?

I'm 16 and this is just the ugliest thing ever. How can I get rid of this asap cuz I honestly don't frown just get stressed from homework or studying.... READ MORE

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