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Best Treatment of Ugly Keratosis Pilaris? PLEASE Sos :(

I have a serious case of KP .. i was looking around for treatments .. what do u think should work the best to vanish it .. urea creams 30% or gelmicin... READ MORE

Cure for my Keratosis Pilaris Please?

Tried it all, hoping at 33 to have outgrown Keratosis Pilaris. Backs of arms and legs but I would pay serious money for a true permanent solution/... READ MORE

Keratosis pilaris - can you have surgery performed to get rid of it?

Can you have surgery performed to get rid of it, and does it get worse on both face and arms with stress? READ MORE

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Is it the hyperkeratinization of the follicular orifice or a bunch dead skin cells building up around hair follicles? READ MORE

How can I cure my keratosis pilaris?

I'm so sick of it amd nothing seems to work . Please let me know anything I can do to help. Preferebbly some kind of vitamin or something, rather than... READ MORE

How to get rid of timy bumps on upper arm?

I have little bumps on my upper arms and i think it is keratosis pilaris and ive heard that it is impossible to completely cure it but how can i... READ MORE

Any fix for red blotchy face from keratosis pilaris?

I've got keratosis pilaris on the face. On one side it is barely noticeable but on the other it is blotchy and very distracting. My current fix is to... READ MORE

Skin issues around Neck & Chest. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I would like to ask if my skin condition below consider as Keratosis pilaris? I have many lines with dirt around that area , and mild acne. Even i... READ MORE

I have keratosis pilaris, it is mostly visible on my legs? (Photos)

I am African American so there are brown spots that make me self conscious about showing off my legs. Is there any type of surgery or treatment to get... READ MORE

Severe KP treatment? (Photo)

Hello, I have been living with severe KP since I was a very young child on my legs and buttocks as well as on the back of my arms. I am a 32 y/o... READ MORE

How can I make this Keratosis Pilaris go away? (Photo)

I believe I got this around 14 or 16 it's these red bumpy dots and I'm 19 now and still have it and was wondering what can I do to fix this you can... READ MORE

Is there a treatment for a very mild Keratosis pilaris (var. alba) in small areas prone to rubbing?

Not red or irritated, not brown or scaly or itchy. Just normal colored small raised bumps at the hair follicles. More like real chicken skin, i.e., so... READ MORE

I'm looking for best products for severe keratosis pilaris with sensitive skin: 1- Soaps 2- Bodywash 3- Body scrub 4- Lotions

Below products I found in websites: Soaps: Sulfur soap. Shower gel: Lifebuoy Anti-Bacterial, Cetaphil & EUCERIN. Lotions: AmLactin & Avene... READ MORE

How do I treat my severe keratosis pilaris? (Photo)

I am 23 with severe keratosis pilaris all over my legs, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. I have tried KP duty and Glytone kit. Didn't make a difference.... READ MORE

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