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Creams for Skin Dryness and is Ponds Safe?

My skin has been really dry and i started to use PONDS creme and it made my skin red and itchy. what kind of creme is best for skin dryness?? and... READ MORE

Best Eczema Treatment?

What are the best Eczema creams or medications that do ALL of the following: anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, and moisturize? READ MORE

Shingles or Something Similar?

My skin erupts into small blisters, usually before my period or whenever I feel weak. It starts as a red, itchy, small round patch and it develops... READ MORE

I have a rash under my right armpit. Do I need to see a doctor? (photo)

The rash is bright red, almost looks like it's bleeding. It gets moist out of no where and smells foul. There are also red bumps all around the area.... READ MORE

How Can I Cure This Itchy Problems? (photo)

It's been in my both sides of the corner of the leg. It's dry. It is mostly itchy during night. I also don't use soap or any thing in that area. READ MORE

What is this? Is it serious? (photos)

My friend has this issue on his shin. It is red and scabby it first appeared 6 months ago. It dissapeared after 7 weeks leaving a scar. It has now... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get off Persivate?

Dear Doctor, I have been usig persivate for about 4 years now and it is not easy getting off it and my face just develops rash all over and becomes... READ MORE

Is Lichen Simplex a Condition or a Side Effect of Something Else?

I have dark brown acne-like scars all over my outter arms, outter thighs, buttocks and legs. I hate them. Every time I go to a dermatologist, they... READ MORE

Is Black African Soap Supposed to Sting and Itch?

I have tried almost every acne treatment known to man. Chemical peels included. My skin is very sensitive and almost everything I have tried has made... READ MORE

Does TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Cause Allergic Reactions?

I've been itching since using a new conditioner containing TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate. My eyes are always itchy and watery and my nose itches like... READ MORE

Using momate cream for 2 years & now feeling itchy if I stop using it. Is there any way to get back normal healthy skin? (Photo)

I have been using momate (momatesone Furoate) cream for my face from 2 years, I was suggested for pigmentation and pimple marks by one of the doctor.I... READ MORE

I Notcie a Small Half Circle Bump on the Back of my Neck 5 Days Ago and It's Growing, What Could this Be?

I notcie a small half circle bump on the back of my neck 5 days ago. it didnt itch at all. But now it keeps growing and more bumps are showing up and... READ MORE

Redness around anus - what is it? (photos)

Hello, in the past few days I have felt a slight discomfort on my anus after wiping. I assumed it was haemorrhoids (I'm 31 male and never had them... READ MORE

Under Eye Redness and Dryness

What causes undereye redness, dryness and itchyness and how can it be helped? any creams etc burn and makes the problem worse. don't know what to do.... READ MORE

What Are These Places on my Breasts? (photo)

Since having my son, I've noticed that there are places showing up on my breasts. At first I thought if was just a skin tact, but now they're starting... READ MORE

What's Causing the Hollow of my Throat to Itch?

For the past two months, before my period, the hollow of my throat begins to itch. I can't help but scratch and it seems to spread. No other... READ MORE

I Had a Fatty Tumor on my Neck, It Now Has Gone Away and What I See is a Long Red Itchy Bump? (photo)

I had a fatty tumor many years ago on my neck. It was removed and recently I saw another tumor in the same spot, soft to the touch like the fatty was.... READ MORE

I had a bump on my face that I picked, and now it's all red and irritating. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

It wasn't a zit and it was itchy and appeared out of no wear and now it burns and hurt when I put remedy a on it from google like tea tree oil or... READ MORE

How can I go from dry, itchy, flaky to clear, smooth and even skin? (Photo)

Im 20 years old girl and my skin is suffering from a breakdown to another one and my insecurities are increasing. My skin these days is getting dry,... READ MORE

How to cure a cyst on my chest? (photos)

I have a large pimple-like thing on my chest that itches, becomes inflamed, and is red and a little sore. It will peak then reduce then peak again,... READ MORE

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